February 25, 2024

There is nothing particularly Jewish about the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), which speaks for neither Jews nor Democrats, according to renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershovitz, who decried the Democratic Party-aligned group for essentially he ignored “issues of immediate concern to the Jewish community,” including the issue of Israel and anti-Semitism — especially its alarming growth within the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the well-known defense attorney and longtime Democrat claimed that he is either “not Jewish enough or not a Democrat enough” to receive an invitation to the recent JDCA fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard.

“I was clearly excluded,” he said of the event organized by a group that claims to represent mainstream Jewish Democrats.

According to Dershowitz, based on reports from those who attended, the term “Israel” was never mentioned in the group’s “hour-long meeting,” despite the fact that it was just two days after President Joe Biden returned from a visit to the Jews. condition.

“They discussed every issue except Israel,” he said. “And you can confirm that even on their website where they talk about this meeting and they don’t mention Israel.”

“Biden’s trip to Israel made headlines around the world except for the JDCA for which it was completely irrelevant,” he added.

Noting that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, both spoke at the event, Dersowitz pointed to the fact that “all they talked about was getting the Democrats out.”

“Not a word about Israel. Not a word about Iran. Not a word about AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez),” he said. “Not a word about the Democratic Party walking away from Israel.”

Arguing that the JDCA is simply a “group of progressive Democrats who happen to be Jewish,” Dershowitz emphasized that they “do not prioritize Israel, anti-Semitism, or other issues that directly concern the Jewish community.”

“They are expelling members based on the misrepresentation of their priorities,” he said.

According to the team Missiondescribes itself as “the political voice of Jewish Democrats,” supporting “Jewish values ​​and priorities within the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party within the Jewish community.”

Claiming to be well-acquainted with the organization, Dershowitz said it was one he could “never, ever associate with.”

Furthermore, Dershowitz argued, the JDCA “doesn’t speak for Jews, it doesn’t speak for Democrats, and it doesn’t speak for Jewish Democrats.”

Calling the group “kin to J-Street” — the anti-Israel organization funded by George Soros — the high-profile lawyer claimed it “represents the radical fringe of the Democratic Party that happens to be Jewish and consists mostly of people who are The Democrats – and this is their first faith – who happen to be Jews.”

“But there is nothing Jewish about the organization,” he noted, adding that no one should confuse it with a group that “actually speaks for Democrats and for Jews,” as he urged Jewish Democrats to avoid association with the organization.

Dershowitz also insisted that the group was even further to the left than J-Street because “at least J-Street is talking about Israel.”

“They attack it, they criticize it – but at least they’re talking about it,” he said. “For the Jewish Democratic Council of America, Israel is irrelevant.”

Dershowitz accused the group of “using the word ‘Jew’ as a way to get people involved.”

“I know people who went to it because they thought it was an authentically Jewish democratic organization, only to find out it has nothing to do with anything Jewish,” he said.

The team, which claims to actively promote policy consistent with the “pro-Israel values ​​of the Jewish community”, describes The Republicans have become “the party of extremists.”

Dershowitz recently accused the JDCA that it is “more united behind social policy issues – abortion, gun control, the environment and the Supreme Court – than on Israel.”

“It’s hard to imagine any other ethnic or other group of Democrats — black, Arab, gay — not even mentioning the issues that directly affect that group at a major fundraiser,” he said.

“Why Are Jewish Democrats Different?” asked.

He also argued that many such voters will continue to support candidates who are “the best (or at least the worst) for our country, for the world, and for Israel.”

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