October 7, 2022

New Jersey police are searching for a white tractor-trailer after a witness reported seeing a woman covered in blood screaming for help as she tried to escape the vehicle before being pulled back inside.

The woman was seen Wednesday around 2 p.m. on Route 130 heading toward the Ridge Road exit in South Brunswick said the police.

The witness, who has not been publicly identified, said the woman appeared to be bleeding from the face and that the man behind the wheel pulled her “back into the cab,” law enforcement added.

The witness was visiting a car dealership when he saw the vehicle drift away as the woman tried to jump out of the truck, according to NBC.

Detective Sergeant Timothy Hoover of the South Brunswick Police Department said NBC that the truck “pulled to the side” and that the witness “noticed that something was a little bit off and catching his eye. He then noticed, upon closer investigation, that a woman was trying to get out of the Bobtail truck.’

“And he looks at her and he thinks she’s injured, possibly some kind of laceration on her forehead or face area. And he appears to be in distress,” Sergeant Hoover added.

Police said the woman was almost completely out of the truck when she was pulled.

“From what I understand, he was out of the cabin … completely and he was found again,” Sergeant Hoover said.

According to authorities, the woman was kicking and screaming for help.

Police have shared grainy security footage of the incident, which shows the witness walking towards the semi before it exited the busy road.

“The witness started walking towards the vehicle and as he did, the woman got back into the car and the vehicle took off at 130 southbound,” Sergeant Hoover said. News 12.

Police believe the truck is a 2006 to 2018 Volvo or Mack Bobtail truck, possibly with New Jersey license plates. It is white with arched blue lettering on the side. At the time, it had no trailer attached.

The victim is said to be either a White or Hispanic female in her 20s. He had long brown hair and was wearing a brown flannel shirt at the time.

The suspect is an elderly balding white man with a white beard. He was wearing a blue shirt when the witness saw him.

said the police News 12 that they consider this to be a possible “rolling internal dispute”.

Anyone with helpful information was asked to call South Brunswick police at 732-329-4646.

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