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The state will import migrants from Turkey to solve airport delays

In an effort to solve the country’s airport backlogs, Germany will do what it does best: bring in more migrants, mostly from Turkey.

Germany is looking to use its solution bring in more immigrants again in the coming weeks, with government officials this time eyeing the prospect of importing foreign labor as a way to solve the country’s airport backlogs.

Likely to be in the country around mid-August, the number of new arrivals will pale in comparison to the amount some ministers plan to bring in over the coming months and years, with one minister previously calling for the country to “immediately” allow in as many immigrants as possible who are willing and able to work.

According to a report with Der Spiegelaround 250 migrants, mostly from Turkey, are to be brought into the country at ports in Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt airport, where all travelers have been overwhelmed by significant delays.

These are largely due to the fact that many employees who previously worked at airports were laid off during the COVID pandemic, with vacancies now causing problems with the popular return of international travel.

Foreign staff are introduced to airports as part of local workers surprising over pay and working conditions, with the Ver.di union demanding that its members receive a 9.5 percent pay rise.

Germany’s solution to importing labor appears to be in line with government solutions to many problems, with the country now putting all its faith in foreign immigrants to fund its aging population.

As the country’s youth population falls to its lowest point since the second world war, ministers are keen to bring in more migrants in the hope they will work in the country, with the parliamentary head of the ostensibly right-wing Free Democratic Party (FDP), Christian Dürr, asking the country to “immediately” accept more immigrants.

“This is about urgently needed immigration at all levels of the labor market,” he said, arguing that more foreign workers are needed to pay for the baby boomers.

“Anyone who can live by the work of their hands is welcome,” he continued. “After all, he’s paying taxes and paying into the pension.”

Meanwhile, Antifa-aligned Interior Secretary Nancy Feiser has drawn up plans to grant amnesty to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants already in the country on the condition that they can pay themselves.

With estimates putting the number of immigrants who may be able to benefit from the program to around 100,000.

As authorities continue to push for these measures to bring more migrants to Germany, statistics released this week revealed that almost 1,000 primary schools in a single German state now have a majority of children with a migrant background.

Of those schools, 54 now have students with an immigrant background making up between 90-100 percent of the student body, prompting concerns from at least one local politician that it will soon be “children without an immigrant background who will have to integrate.”

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