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All Trump-backed candidates secure nominations in Tennessee

Nine more candidates backed by former President Donald Trump officially advanced to the general election Thursday night, tying his 2022 record total at 181-10.

Associated Press officials named former Fox 10 Phoenix anchor Kari Lake the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona Thursday night after a two-day wait. With 88 percent of the vote mentiontedLake had 46.8 percent shooting, nearly a three-point lead over Karrin Taylor Robson’s 44 percent.

In Tennessee, all eight candidates backed by former President Trump have officially advanced to the general election:

  • Governor Bill Lee – GOP candidate for Governor
  • Rep. Diana Harshbarger – GOP Candidate for First Congressional District
  • Rep. Tim Burchett – GOP candidate for the second congressional district
  • Rep. Chuck Fleischmann – GOP candidate for the Third Congressional District
  • Rep. Scott DesJarlais GOP candidate for the Fourth Congressional District
  • Rep. John Rose – GOP candidate for the sixth congressional district
  • Rep Mark Green. GOP candidate for the Seventh Congressional District
  • Rep. David Kustoff – GOP candidate for the Eighth Congressional District

The big night for Trump-backed candidates follows sweeping primary victories Tuesday in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan and Missouri. Blake Masters won the U.S. Senate primary in Arizona and will face Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in the general election, while Tudor Dixon secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Michigan and is battling Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ( D-MI) drop. Moreover, Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), who voted to impeach then-President Trump, was defeated by challenger John Gibbs, running his record over the past two days to 34-0.

Candidates endorsed by the 45th president now have perfect records in 28 states:

  1. Texas: 33-0
  2. Indiana: 6-0
  3. Ohio: 16-0
  4. West Virginia: 2-0
  5. Kentucky: 6-0
  6. Pennsylvania: 8-0
  7. Alabama: 6-0
  8. Arkansas: 5-0
  9. California: 7-0 [8-0 with Rep. Connie Conway’s (R-CA) special election victory]
  10. Iowa: 4-0
  11. Mississippi: 1-0
  12. Montana: 2-0
  13. New Jersey: 1-0
  14. South Dakota: 1-0
  15. Nevada: 2-0
  16. North Dakota: 2-0
  17. Virginia: 4-0
  18. Alaska: 1-0
  19. Colorado: 1-0
  20. Illinois: 4-0
  21. Oklahoma: 4-0
  22. Utah: 3-0
  23. Maryland: 1-0
  24. Kansas: 5-0
  25. Missouri: 4-0
  26. Michigan: 7-0
  27. Arizona (9-0)
  28. Tennessee (8-0)

Primary elections continue Tuesday in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin.

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