February 24, 2024

China’s Foreign Ministry announced sanctions against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her immediate family on Friday in response to her early August visit to Taiwan.

Pelosi and five other House Democrats visited Taiwan as part of the Congressional delegation to East Asia. The trip also included stops in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea. Republicans praised Pelosi for making the visit despite threats from China and public reservations from the Biden administration. (RELATED: Military Thinks Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Is Not a Good Idea, Biden Says)

“Ignoring China’s serious concerns and strong opposition, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted on visiting China’s Taiwan region. This constitutes blatant interference in China’s internal affairs. It seriously undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, seriously violates the one-China principle, and seriously threatens peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. In response to Pelosi’s outrageous provocation, China decides to impose sanctions on Pelosi and her family members in accordance with the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China,” the foreign ministry said in a statement. statement.

In addition to the sanctions on Pelosi, China threw away 68 planes in Taiwan’s airspace and 13 ships sailed into the island nation’s waters. In response, President Joe Biden called Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang to inform him that the US “will not be deterred from operating in the seas and skies of the western Pacific,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said.

China has previously sanctioned US lawmakers for speaking out against its human rights abuses. The communist dictatorship imposed sanctions on Republican Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas and Republican Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey in 2020 in response to the Trump administration’s sanctions. China also imposed sanctions on former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Pelosi did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment.

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