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English Premier League to adopt mandatory sexual consent training for all players and staff

The English Premier League is to launch a mandatory sexual consent education that all players and staff at its 20 clubs will have to attend.

It comes after successful lobbying by various groups following an increase in allegations against Premier League players, according to The Telegraph.

The league consulted and discussed the new rules with three organizations – End Violence Against Women, Three Hijabis and Level Up.

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The Premier League already had workshops on consent and sexual harassment, however, they were only offered to academy and first-team players from under-14 to under-23.

End Violence Against Women Coalition director Andre Simon said in a statement, via BBC: “Today’s announcement is a long overdue and important first step in the right direction.

“Gender-based violence is a pervasive and systemic issue that needs to be tackled across the football industry as a whole, with urgent and concerted action.”

The three organizations wrote an open letter earlier this year calling on the FA and the Premier League to tackle the series of allegations and the “culture of gender-based violence”.

The letter said: “It is clear that our beautiful game has an ugly underside when it comes to violence against women.

He added: “It is time for the FA and the Premier League to tackle a culture of gender-based violence.”

The teams said the FA and Premier League needed to “show which side they are on when it comes to violence against women and girls” and explained how changing attitudes in football could have a wider impact on society.

“Football players and the teams they play for have a unique place in shaping the attitudes of boys and men,” the letter continues.

“Their behavior both on and off the pitch is influential and changing the culture in football will have a seismic impact on wider society.”

It seems that the appeals of the organizations have now been rightfully answered.

In addition to mandatory training, the coalition called on clubs to “adopt clear sexual misconduct policies and protocols” in order to deal with issues surrounding unacceptable behaviour.

Level Up co-director Seyi Falodun-Liburd said: “This is a defining moment for football. The Premier League is finally starting to recognize the huge influence this sport has on our culture and our individual behaviours.”

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