September 26, 2023

Here’s one I didn’t expect this summer or … ever, really: Suddenly, Fox News appears terrible interested in the mind-expanding power of psychedelics.

Okay, I shouldn’t say “suddenly”, like the studio execs just woke up one day and decided “Hey, let’s explore the inner potential of minds, man.” Fox’s turn to brainstorming comes after the Green Bay Packers quarterback and Political question posed by Trump himself Aaron Rogers waxen rhapsodic for his love of ayahuasca, the South American psychedelic he credits with giving him the “best season of my career.”

And now that Rogers is stumbling, so is Fox News.

“I guess it doesn’t seem so crazy” Gutfeld! panelist Kat Timpf pensive on Thursday.

“I mean, because ayahuasca is not like a party drug,” said Timpf, the network’s rising star and highest paid woman in late night comedy to be continued. “It’s like something you do and people take it seriously and look to get something out of it to benefit their mental health. And it’s really useful to a lot of people and it’s common in other cultures, it just seems kind of crazy to a lot of people to us.

“The only downside is, really, you become someone who talks that way,” Timpf concluded, mocking Rogers’ description of how psychedelic gave him the clarity of self-love and freedom.

Now, it should be noted that despite Timpf’s endorsement, Gutfeld! Host Greg Gutfeld hasn’t exactly been, er, so open-minded about the benefits of mind-expanding substances. Which, to be fair, is pretty consistent with his overall hostility to the human brain. Still, a Fox News star throwing her weight behind the legitimate good of providing some psychedelia is a pretty big step for a network that just recently ran troubling headlines about how Smoking Weed Could Cause ‘Scromite’ and also how cannabis is directly responsible for mass shootings. That said, it’s important to note that there’s a fair amount of hypocrisy in Timpf’s enthusiasm for ayahuasca, and particularly her claim that it’s okay since it’s “not like a party drug”—like other substances that could easily be written off as such. they also have their own medicinal, psychological, and cultural benefits (and even if they do not, who cares? Don’t be a narc).

Still, I never expected a Fox News anchor to go all psychonautic to champion mind expansion and self-exploration. And all it took was a handsome white multi-millionaire Trump-supporting athlete to get the ball rolling.

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