May 28, 2024


Chris Kobach, the Republican candidate for Kansas attorney general, told Breitbart News that if elected as the state’s chief legal officer, he would file lawsuits against the Biden administration, end concealed carry permit fees and prosecute voter fraud cases .

“On day one, I would create a special litigation unit to bring some of these lawsuits against the Biden administration,” Kobach said in Thursday’s release. Breitbart News Daily podcast hosted by Alex Marlow. “Texas is the model state. Texas is the only state that is carrying the rest of the country on its shoulders when it comes to filing lawsuits against Joe Biden and his administration. They filed more than 20 lawsuits in total.”

He continued, “Number two, one thing I plan to do is make concealed carry permits free. South Dakota did this in March and I think Kansas and other states should follow suit. You are thinking about it. We don’t pay a fee to the state to exercise our First Amendment rights to have this debate on the radio. We don’t pay a tax to the state to go to church. Why do we have to pay a fee to the state to exercise our Second Amendment freedoms? You can still do the workout, but you don’t have to pay to exercise that freedom.”

“Another thing is the prosecution of election fraud,” Kobach added. “When I was secretary of state in Kansas, we had a bill that gave both the attorney general and the secretary of state the power to prosecute voter fraud at the state level. It is the only state in the country that has this, aAnd as attorney general, I will resume using that power. … In the other 49 states, you only have that power at the county level, and many county attorneys are either politically reluctant or because of their lack of experience in the area, unwilling to venture into this area of ​​prosecution.”

Kobach described the proposed Kansas constitutional amendment on abortion, which was rejected in a statewide vote Thursday, as a necessary correction to an earlier ruling by the state’s highest court.

“The vote was on an amendment that simply says there is no constitutional right to abortion in the state constitution and the legislature retains the ability to impose abortion regulations,” Kobach explained. “The reason it was necessary was because in 2019 our very activist Kansas Supreme Court issued an erroneous decision, creating out of thin air a right to abortion in our 170-year-old constitution that is even more expansive than Roe v. Wade It was a federal right to abortion, and the constitutional amendment of the people of Kansas in their legislature was necessary to right that wrong.”

And he continued, “Why did the result happen? It was about 59 percent “no” to 41 percent “yes.” I believe the reason was the Vote No campaign. The pro-abortion side has done a very skillful and effective job of obfuscating the issue. They put up signs that read “Stop the Mandate.” There was no mandate to this, but they were trying to play on the emotional reaction of conservatives and it worked. I know conservatives who were confused about what the amendment did. “Stop the ban,” as if there was a ban on abortion in the amendment. Of course this was also false. One thing that is true all over the world is when there is a referendum on some initiative or change, if you can confuse the voters, they will reflexively vote ‘no’, and that is exactly what happened here. So I don’t think the left should take this as a huge sign that America wants expanded abortion rights or that America is angry about the death of Roe v. Wade.”

Kobach said former President Donald Trump’s successful appointments of judges to the U.S. Supreme Court and judges to other federal courts have created opportunities for conservative judges — particularly attorneys general — to question the legitimacy of many of the Biden administration’s policies.

“It’s not just the Supreme Court that has issued some really amazing landmark decisions, but the lower courts as well,” Kobach said in recent years. “President Trump’s greatest gift to the country, in my opinion, has been the Supreme Court and the lower federal judges he has appointed, and given the fact that we have a Biden administration that is actively undermining — or even breaking — the law on the case immigration, ordering ICE agents and border patrol agents to break the law, we have a situation where the best resort we have — the one that’s most effective — is to go to court and seek injunctions to stop the Biden administration.”

He continued, “That’s why I think these attorney general races are so critical right now. Texas has brought in more than 20 [lawsuits against the Biden administration]but there are only so many lawsuits that a state can bring, and so I hope that if I am elected attorney general of Kansas, Kansas can come, bring some reinforcements, not just for our two states, but for the whole country.”

“It’s an exciting time to be a lawyer, and as someone who used to teach constitutional law as a law professor, it’s an exciting time to be before the federal courts, and hopefully before the U.S. Supreme Court, because they have a court that’s willing to deal with these difficult issues like Roe v. Wadewhich has been on our books for so long and so wrong,” he observed.

He concluded, “Similarly, this terrific decision in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association case … really restores the Second Amendment to its status as not just any written right in the Constitution, but as one of the most important rights in the Constitution . It’s really encouraging that we have a federal judiciary where we can vindicate our constitutional freedoms.”


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