October 7, 2022

A video of Raheem Sterling mocking Jadon Sancho for constantly mentioning he’s playing with Cristiano Ronaldo has gone viral and it’s absolutely hilarious.

It’s a very humble boast to be able to say that you play with one of the greatest players of all time or the number one greatest according to some people who are wrong.

Aged just 21, Sancho was given that chance when he signed for Manchester United last summer, although it didn’t exactly go to plan with the club finishing sixth in the Premier League.

And it seems that a now 22-year-old Sancho has not shut up about playing with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, especially when he has national team duty.

A clip from a video of the former Borussia Dortmund forward chatting with Sterling has gone viral, with the Chelsea forward commenting on the fact that his England team-mate always brings it up, saying: “Every day Ronaldo, we understand you’re playing with him”.

To his credit, Sancho responds with “Do you want his shirt? Just let me know”, and Sterling’s laughter certainly doesn’t make us think he might well want it.

The 27-year-old may not have been so easy to ask for when he was still playing for Manchester City, but he moved to Stamford Bridge in the summer.

City’s decision to allow him to leave and join a rival certainly didn’t go down well with everyone, with club legend Sergio Aguero not happy.

The retired forward claimed his former club were making “strange decisions” and said he did not understand why they allowed the 27-year-old to leave.

Sterling and Sancho on England duty, possibly talking about Ronaldo.  Image: Alamy
Sterling and Sancho on England duty, possibly talking about Ronaldo. Image: Alamy

Fans will be hoping for more from Sancho in his second season in the Premier League after he struggled at times last season.

Who he will play when United’s season kicks off on Sunday is a bit of a problem. It is likely that Marcus Rashford will be on the left, Sancho on the right, but with Anthony Martial injured it is likely to be Ronaldo up front, although he still wants to leave.

If it’s the Portuguese superstar then Sterling can expect a text about it…

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