February 21, 2024

An Ohio man who was seen kicking in a Capitol window on Jan. 6 while wearing a jacket emblazoned with his last name, business name and phone number pleaded guilty Friday to damaging government property.

Troy Faulkner admitted to breaking the window during the deadly rampage and agreed to pay $10,560 in restitution. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington

Faulkner was an easy suspect to track down: He was caught on video trying to break the window while wearing a jacket emblazoned with “Faulkner Painting” and his company’s phone number.

Clips from the video were posted on social media. According court filings, one Facebook commenter wrote, “Hey man. Were you wearing your company jacket in the middle of the riot?’

Faukner’s attorney, John Machado, told NBC News that his client “contacted the FBI directly upon hearing he was wanted and turned himself in and was fully cooperative from the beginning.”

He said Faulkner never entered the Capitol and “was very remorseful for his actions.”

“He did the right thing by accepting responsibility,” Machado said.

Faulkner’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for October. Under the deal, Faulkner could face up to 8 months in prison, according to Machado.

Ryan J. Reilly contributed.

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