December 8, 2023

“In our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been a person who poses a greater threat to our democracy than Donald Trump,” says Former Vice President Dick Cheney in a campaign ad released Thursday for his daughter’s re-election campaign.

Cheney bases this assessment on his claim that Trump is a liar. According to Cheney, Trump is “a coward” and not a “real man” because “a real man would not lie to his supporters.”

A “real man” would lie. world? That’s what Dick Cheney did.

As you know, Donald Trump declare yourself in 2016 during the Republican debate right before the South Carolina primary (which Trump won): “Obviously, the Iraq war was a big, fat mistake. They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction. They didn’t exist, and they knew they didn’t exist.” (emphasis added)

Cheney—widely seen as the mastermind behind President George W. Bush’s disastrous administration—was one of the architects of the Iraq war.

President George W. Bush, right, with Vice President Dick Cheney on July 21, 2004, in Washington, DC. (Stephen Jaffe/Getty Images)

Cheney’s short-sighted abusive adventure has cost America and our allies dearly in blood and treasure, not to mention the horrors his war has inflicted on the Iraqi people.

A full account of Dick Cheney’s misdeeds is beyond the scope of one article. (Did I mention that brutal torture of Iraqi prisoners that the Secretary of Defense of the Bush-Cheney administration approved, according to the US brigadier general who ran the prison? That alone would take many volumes.) But let us consider only the big lies.

First, the Bush-Cheney administration told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. We were told that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium oxide, aka yellow cake. This turned out to be completely false. So did all the attempts to link Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks. Yes, Saddam Hussein was a bad man, but he was not a threat to the United States. And we know now that the administration does too he knew at a time when their WMD “intelligence” was “inaccurate”. But that didn’t stop them from starting one invasion of a country that did not threaten us.

Second, the Bush-Cheney administration told us that US forces would be “they were hailed as liberators.” The invasion would be, as one angry neocon put it, “type of dance.” In fact, US deaths in Iraq in total 4,598, with another 32,000 injured.

Third, we were told by the Bush-Cheney administration, backed by their neocon cheerleaders (most of whom happen to be the staunchest Trumps Ever), that Operation Iraqi Freedom would unleash a wave of democratization across the Middle East . Instead, it unleashed a wave of sectarian fighting, suicide bombings, regional instability, civil wars, migrant crises and genocidal ethnic cleansing of ancient Christian communities, so that there are hardly any Christians left in the region that gave birth to Christianity.

Up to 306,000 civilians and soldiers passed away in the Iraq war, and it was about three million Iraqis displaced as refugees. The true extent of the destruction may never be known.

The presidential palace complex burns in Baghdad on March 21, 2003, during the massive US airstrike in the Iraqi capital. (RAMZI HAIDAR/Getty Images)

U.S. Marines pass a sign pointing the way to Baghdad as they continue their march toward the Iraqi capital March 25, 2003, in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Majed Najaf (R) carries the wounded Hafez Abu Haidar, an employee at the al-Salhiya telecommunications center, after he was hit by a US missile during an airstrike in Baghdad March 30, 2003. (PATRIC BAZ/Getty Images)

Iraqi families continue to leave Basra in southern Iraq, fleeing the US invasion on March 30, 2003. (DAN CHUNG/Getty Images)

Smoke rising from burning oil rigs blankets Baghdad on April 2, 2003. (PATRIC BAZ/Getty Images)

Iraqis flee Baghdad on April 11, 2003, as the capital descended into chaos with widespread looting and lawlessness, two days after US troops captured the city. (ERIC FEFERBERG/Getty Images)

Members of the Fort Drum Honor Guard carry the casket of US Army Spc. Mathew Boule, 22, was killed in Iraq during his funeral on April 15, 2003, in Dracut, Massachusetts. (Jacob Silberberg/Getty Images)

Members of the Old Guard stand next to the casket of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq during a burial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. (OLIVIER DOULIERY/Getty Images)

A little girl sits on the grass among the headstones of those killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on Memorial Day 2021 in Arlington, Virginia. (Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Think of all the service members who died because of Cheney’s lies.

Think of all the veterans who came home forever scarred because of Cheney’s lies.

Think of all the American children who grew up without fathers or mothers because their parents were serving in a war started because of Cheney’s lies.

Think of all the innocent Iraqis watching their homes destroyed bytheir country plundered, and their world turned upside down because of the lies of Dick Cheney and his little George W. Bush. The consequences of their lies will be felt for generations.

But Dick Cheney wants us to believe that Donald Trump is “a greater threat to our democracy” than anyone else in our entire 246-year history.

Sorry, Dick Cheney. If anyone has earned this distinction, it’s you.

Rebecca Mansour is Senior Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News. Follow her on Twitter at @RAMansour.

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