October 6, 2022

Joshua Brereton of Paw Paw, Michigan was charged with arson of a federally funded organization. If convicted, Brereton faces up to 20 years in prison, according to the Justice Department. The charge also carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years.

According to court documents, law enforcement responded to a reported fire at a Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood in late July. After the fire was extinguished, the local fire marshal noted that the fires started from two separate sources — the bushes outside the building and a “fire extinguisher log that appeared to have been thrown onto the roof.”

Through Planned Parenthood’s surveillance footage, investigators determined the person who started the fire used a Duraflame log to start the fire on the roof, court documents state.

They then searched store records and learned that Brereton had purchased a log of Duraflame at a local Walmart less than two hours before the fire. Brereton’s appearance in the store’s security camera footage matched that of Planned Parenthood, court documents state.

Investigators say they also found Brereton’s YouTube channel, where he posted anti-government, anti-tax and anti-abortion videos.

“Like right now, we have a genocide going on,” Brereton says in a video, according to court documents. “Genocide! Babies! And people think that’s always a hot topic. You literally have neighbors who think it’s okay to kill a baby.” He went on to encourage observers to “change society from the inside out” and told them that “no one else is going to do it.”

Brereton has yet to enter a formal plea, according to the court document. A Brereton solicitor has yet to be listed.

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