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Officiales de INM Captados Tomando Bribes en Aeropuerto de Tijuana

Mexican immigration officials have a large history of demanding bribes at international airports and ports of entry in exchange for avoiding laws and processes that would have prevented the entry of people into the country.

Breitbart Texas was able to obtain a series of internal affairs reports from the Instituto Nacional de Migración de México (INM) that detail investigations into multiple corrupt officials. Police sources within the INM de México revealed that, in most cases, when corrupt officers are discovered, they are not sanctioned, prosecuted or dismissed, but simply relocated to another job.

Be informed, los funcionadores del INM is investigating official Francisco Javier Hernández Varela who had been assigned to the Conexión Peatonal Aeroportuaria Tijuana-San Diego en el Aeropuerto Internacional. The investigation involved Hernández Varela and other federal agents in allowing people without travel documents to enter the country and without entering the information of travelers in a national immigration data base, unregulated communication that is regulated, which is a database de nacional de immigración, unmigración, que uneregulo, controinto. in exchange for bribes of various amounts depending on the nationality of the traveler that can be from $20 to hundreds of dollars.

The Investigations sobre oficiales corruptos en el aeropuerto de Tijuana began in 2020, sin embargo, el tema se ha mantenido largely en secreto.

Early 2022, various viajeros, including San Diego student groups, INM agents name los llevaron and una sala de entrevistas y les exigieron $20 USD, discovery Unión Noticias. Los viajeros extortionados presented complaints before the local committee of tourism (COTUCO) in Tijuana. COTUCO’s titular le dijo a El Sol de Tijuana in April they were speaking with officials of the INM in an attempt to prevent the topic from attracting visitors.

The investigation obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed that a traveler identified as Abraham “N” entered the country from the United States claiming to be a Mexican citizen, but he could not present any type of identification.

“No tengo nada de eso,” said Abraham en Español.

El hombre affirmed haber nacido en Guaymas Sonora, pero se había convertido en ciudadano estadounidense. The agent of the INM, Hernández Varela, solicited the traveler for his personal data such as date of birth and place of registration. Then, the agent affirmed that Abraham did not appear in any of the government’s data bases and asked him to move to one side of the cabin.

After a brief conversation and an apparent exchange of money hidden in the paper, Hernández allows Abraham to continue his journey and then the agent leaves his post apparently covering the cash.

The internal affairs report revealed that a subsequent search of the database by INM researchers showed that Abraham’s entry into the country had not been added to the government’s database.

Release Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to Ciudad de México y los estados Mexicanos de Tamaulipas, Coahuila y Nuevo León to recruit a ciudadanos periodistas disputuesto a ariesgar sus vidas para exhibir a los carteles asus The writers would receive a safe death at the hands of the cartels that operate in these areas including the Golfo Cartel and Los Zetas if they did not use a pseudonym. Las Crónicas De Carteles by Breitbart Texas they will be published both in English and in their original content Español. This article was written by “Williams Cortez” in Baja California.

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