June 7, 2023

Emmy Rener is a 20-year-old student and founder of the professional charcuterie business, Sophisticated Spreads.

Emmy Renner

Emmy Rener of Sophisticated Spreads

Emmy Renner

Never Emmy Renner was a senior in high school, she turned her childhood hobby into making cheese boards Sophisticated Spreadsheetsa professional charcuterie board business based in Southern California.

The university student told Insider that she now charges customers up to $25,000 to prepare huge boards for special events, such as grazing tables, which are large that cover entire counters or dining rooms with meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts and other nibbles. .

Through this, Rener has gained a lot of followers on her TikTok account @sophisticatedspreads. More than 237,300 users watch her videos, some of which have over three million views.

Rener spoke with Insider to share her tips on what goes into a delicious spread — and what doesn’t.

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