October 3, 2022

On CNN’s “Inside Politics” Friday, Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) said the Biden administration was wrong about inflation being transitory, but “we were coming off the worst pandemic of the last century, the last 100 years . that disrupted supply chains.” And “We’ve bounced back better than most people,” but President Biden “doesn’t get any credit.”

Hickenlooper said: “I don’t think the communications outside the White House were perfect. In other words, – when they first got COVID under control, they said that COVID went away, and then we got a second wave. When they were first talking about this supply chain collapse that caused — it actually caused gas, oil, crude oil prices to go up so high, they said, well, this is going to be temporary. I would urge more—not that anyone ever asked me—but I would urge them to be more cautious in their predictions of good news. But, in saying that, they were coming off the worst pandemic of the last century, the last 100 years, that disrupted supply chains. And we have fallen – our economy is now on time. So, no one has reserves to avoid this kind of interruption. This is the first time we’ve ever shut down, I mean, really shut down the entire global economy. God, of course we will have serious challenges. We’ve recovered better than most people, if you go back to what they were thinking back then, most people would say, if they could see where we are now in August 2022, they would have gone, my God, what a recovery. And yet, you’re right, it has no credit. A bit of miscommunication, and I think people are digesting that. Again they passed the pandemic”.

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