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Cat dad is going viral for traveling the world with his three cats

While some airlines require passengers to put their animals in the hold, Dan and Olivia’s cats are usually small enough to go in the cabin.

SpongeBob wearing a pink sweater in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Courtesy of Olivia Nguyen

Dan and Olivia prefer not to put their cats in the hold when they fly, instead taking them in the cabin with them. For pets weighing less than 10 pounds, or about 22 pounds, Dan says you can take them in carriers that qualify as carry-on baggage and place them under the seat in front of you. He added that cats sleep in their cart whenever they are tired during long flights.

As Sponge Cake, Mocha and Donut are more than their parents, sometimes Dan and Olivia need to book an extra ticket, but not all airlines allow them. “At times when I wanted to buy a third ticket and an empty passenger seat, it wasn’t allowed,” Dan told Insider, noting that they only allowed one pet per person and were not allowed to buy a ticket for an empty seat.

The day before a flight, the couple also has a full check-in suitcase for the cats. “In it is disposable litter boxes and some trash, wet and dry food, and then all their toys and scratchers,” Dan said, adding that he and Olivia always try to recreate their destination home environment. .

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