June 3, 2023

Hosts: Birmingham Dates: July 28 to August 8
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English diver Jack Laugher blamed nerves for his flawless performance in the 3m springboard heats as he cruised into the final.

Laugher, the defending champion in the event, scored a zero in the first round after diving incorrectly.

He had to perform two and a half front somersaults with two flips on the pike, but missed the flips.

He was eventually able to qualify in 11th place, with only the top 12 of the 15 strong advancing.

“I felt a bit shaky in the knee on the board, I was a bit nervous and basically doubting myself a bit too much,” Laugher told BBC Sport.

“When you do the twist dive, you have to leave the legs in the twist, and I was past the point where I could do that and I just did a different dive.

“Once you fail your first dive, emotion plays a big role and you start wanting it too much.

“I think when the emotion is attached to it, it makes my dives a lot up and down. So I’m going to go reset, sleep and come back later and give it my best shot.”

The 27-year-old is chasing his third gold at these Commonwealth Games, a hat-trick he completed at the last edition of the Games in 2018.

He won the 1m springboard and 3m synchro titles on Thursday and Friday respectively.

The 3m final will take place at 18:05 BST tonight. Laugher will be joined by England teammates Dan Goodfellow and Jordan Houlden in the final, as well as Scotland’s Ross Beattie and James Heatly.

“I think I’m the favourite, that’s very obvious after my performances at previous Commonwealth Games and worlds as well,” Laugher said.

“I think when you have that expectation from yourself, also from a crowd of people, it can be very difficult.

“Staying at the top is very difficult and obviously I want the third gold medal.

“Maybe I’m just putting too much pressure on myself and I just need to enjoy it again and just relax.”

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