May 28, 2024


  • Errol Musk said Elon sent him a message telling him to “shut up” following recent media comments.
  • Elon’s father told Daily Mail Australia that his 3 daughters refused to speak to him for days.
  • But he said he had misunderstood the question and had been proud of Elon since “the day he was born.”

Errol Musk said he received a text message from Elon telling him to “keep quiet” after he said he wasn’t proud of his son.

In an interview with Daily Mail AustraliaMusk said he misunderstood a question in a recent Australian radio interview by answering “no” when asked if he was proud of Elon.

“I didn’t really notice her question about pride. It wasn’t until I heard the recording afterwards that I understood,” he told the newspaper.

“If you ask any parent if they’re proud of their son, you’ve been proud of him since the day he was born.”

However, Musk said his three daughters – Alexandra, Asa and Tosca – did not speak to him for days after his comments on Australian radio.

“Elon knows it’s not true, so he would never get upset about it. He just laughs at stuff like that,” Musk said.

He told the Daily Mail that Elon sent him a text after his comments saying, “Dad, the press is playing you like a fiddle, so please be quiet.”

In the 20-minute radio interview, Musk said of his children, “They’ve seen a lot of things and we’ve done a lot of things together, but Elon has actually really pushed the boundaries.”

Despite that success with Tesla and SpaceX, Musk said his son “wasn’t as happy as he’d like to be” because he “feels like he’s behind schedule” with his companies.

Elon Musk sued Twitter after pulling out of a $44 billion takeover deal, but the platform has hit back. The case is set to go to trial in October in a Delaware court.


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