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Kids’ Drag Shows Are ‘Squeaky-Clean’, ‘Family-Friendly’

The Washington Post continues her apparent PR campaign on behalf of children’s drag shows, running another op-ed, arguing that the events are “purely for a family-friendly audience” and laws aimed at banning them are the true indoctrination.

“Writing laws to ban children from our shows is much less about the imagined sexual dangers of a drag show than it is about the imagined dangers of failing to teach children fear and shame around queerness from an early age,” said the drag queen. Sasha Velor. writes in the Position.

“Drag, surely, is nothing dangerous,” writes Velor, and “the critics who cry otherwise do so because they don’t understand drag.”

Critics, for Velour, are simply “recycling deeply homophobic stereotypes about ‘grooming’ to defend their campaign against queer and trans existence.”

However, women’s rights activist Natasha Chart told Breitbart News that there is more to Velor than one might think.

“The premise of queer theory is that there are no boundaries and no definitions that should be tolerated, and anything that is majoritarian is categorically oppressive,” he said. “The LGB movement has basically been taken over at this point by, you know, straight people who want to be interesting and quirky of almost every description.”

“These kids are basically growing up with intense porn that they have no idea — they’re normalizing it,” he continued. “They’re turning these kids into shock troops for very anti-social behaviour.”

Velor says that “the demonization of queer people and our culture will never make us disappear.”

The new narrative that the Position and other leftists tried to push one who says it’s really conservatives sexualizing children’s shows.

Velor is no different, saying that “It’s telling that conservatives have focused the attraction debate on children. Drag is no less suitable than other forms of entertainment.”

“We edit our shows to be clean for a family-friendly audience,” insists Velor, however, TikTok libs has published abundant evidence to the contrary.

“A child who sees queens and kings on stage twirling in costume, behaving absurdly and authentically in front of the whole society is bound to develop empathy and tolerance,” continues Velor.

Chart, however, told Breitbart News that “they’re showing sex clown sex to kids, and I don’t know why anyone thinks that’s a positive role model for any kid.”

“It’s really, you know, presented as, this is supposed to be a symbol of femininity,” Chart continued, “So girls are going to look at it and think, ‘Oh my God, is this what I’m supposed to be when I grow up?'”

“There was video of them doing sexy poses, twerking, flashing, collecting dollar bills and encouraging kids to engage in this behavior and collect money from the audience for an adult show,” he said. “Kids today have to say they’re demisexual – they’ve invented a sexual orientation because they don’t want to have casual relationships.”

While Velor earlier in the article insisted that “grooming” was a “homophobic stereotype,” Velor later writes, “Part of the history of drag is how we’ve always found ways to transform the world around us to make room for our lives.” .

“Just get to know us,” Velor continues. “Let your children get to know us. the next generation should present themselves to the world as fully and honestly as possible, so they can understand exactly where they fit in — and celebrate where others fit in, too.”

Breccan F. Thies is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @BreccanFThies.

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