February 29, 2024

In a word, the new presentation improvements for FIFA 23 look amazing. Ever since the new generation of consoles came out, we’ve been waiting to see the huge leap in graphics from the most popular sports game franchises.

There’s a tone set in this trailer that focuses on the MatchDay experience:

We’re not going to see the kind of contrast we saw when gaming moved from the PS3 and Xbox One to the PS4 and Xbox One X. That jump was unlike anything we’ve ever seen in console gaming. The NBA 2K14 trailer probably sold a few million consoles on its own.

The FIFA 23 trailer isn’t quite as exciting as this gem from 2K’s Momentous, but in proper perspective, it registers as a respectable flex for next-gen consoles and EA’s football franchise.

The grass degradation, special feedback additions, customizable sound effects for signal targets and clean physics stand out immediately. We hear executive producer Fab Muoio refer to the team “harnessing the power of the new material.” Many other sports video games seem more timid to talk about the differences with the new generation versions of their games.

Maybe that’s because a large percentage of the franchise’s fans still play old-gen. In any case, progressive sports players should be excited about the gameplay elements on new consoles that feature moderate to massive visual improvements.

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