September 26, 2022

The Pittsburgh Steelers ranked Mitchell Trubisky as the early leader in the quarterback battle on their first official depth chart. The Seattle Seahawks have yet to release a depth chart, but head coach Pete Carroll has given us some insight into who is the starter between Geno Smith and Drew Lock. Right now, Carroll says Smith is “on top.”

“They continue to do things every day and put on plays,” Carroll said of his quarterbacks. via Pro Football Talk. “They both make plays every day. I watch to see how it swings. if it’s heavy on one side, it’s heavy on the other. The guys are doing a good job. We’re working hard to match the reps with the guys playing up front and the receivers, we’re working to make that happen, and that’s going to happen, and you’ll see how it happens again tomorrow, how the reps are going to be shared, to be able to make it is a really even competition.

“Geno continues to be on top, he’s in front, he’s been in the lead for all the obvious reasons and he’s holding it and he’s doing a really good job of battling. Both guys are communicating nicely, learning well. “We don’t have any issues with anything we’re trying to do . There’s no issues here where you have to go, “Oh, we can’t do this or that with this guy or this guy,” isn’t there. They are very talented, and the ability to throw the ball down the field is there. So, let the games begin. Going out there, now we’re in the middle and we’ll see what happens. It’s a very long day tomorrow. It’s going to be a really big day tomorrow.”

That Smith is in the lead at this juncture shouldn’t be a surprise, as he’s been with the franchise since 2019. He got some time as the starting quarterback last year when Russell Wilson was injured, going 1-2. In four total games played last season, Smith threw for 702 yards, five touchdowns and one interception.

“He just does things right,” Carroll said of Smith. “He runs the system, makes the line of scrimmage checks, is able to check the protections and work with [center] Austin [Blythe], these guys are doing really well, and he’s just so talented. He made big shots every day. I’m still looking for them to really come in, and really own it, and put together days where they don’t have any negative projects, the projects they wish they had back. So, in a sense, there were openings for both guys, not finishing the day, not finishing everything and finishing the day close to perfect.”

As Carroll said, this competition isn’t over yet. We still have three preseason games to play, and the quarterback who has the most success in those exhibition games could lead the starting offense on the field on September 12th. Then again, it’s also possible the Seahawks add another quarterback to the competition in Jimmy Garoppolo. The front office is something is said to have discussed.

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