September 28, 2022

After the summer of Wonder Festival 2022, Good Smile Company decided to have their own special event titled Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo. From cute Nendoroids to massive mecha toys, it’s clear that Good Smile Company is entering a new and bigger phase.

For many, Nendoroids is the calling card for Good Smile Company. Cute little figures of various characters, Nendoroids have a large following around the world. So this is something that Good Smile Company was openly celebrating.

The actual highlight associated with Nendoroid was the Hololive figures, with Korone-chan it’s my personal favorite. Not least because she is one his ardent admirer Super Robot Wars and enjoys saying “eekum bokum“.

Besides the Nendoroids, the FIG The series is also very popular and quite a few items related to the games appeared. Of all the Souls related figs with a new Guyver 1 and some pretty cool entries Metroid Dread.

Nintendo connection is big for figma releases as we had all the amazing ones Zelda and Metroid figures released over the years. So I’m happy that this collaboration continues.

However, the twist on all the character figures was all the new mech-related toys and kits on the way. Since Hiro Tanaka joined the Good Smile Company, there has been a significant increase in the company’s engineering-related production. This doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon as his legion Moderoid The mecha kit releases are definitely picking up speed.

But the big revelation was the powerful one Hagane Works Dancouga (shown above), both of which performed beautifully according to By Masami Obari updated designs and suitably huge with it. Priced at 58,000 yen (or about $430), this will be a very popular purchase among collectors when it goes on sale in May next year.

All in all, Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo showcased a lot and it’s clear that Good Smile Company is becoming a much bigger player in the global toy and model kit industry.

Smile Fest 2022 Tokyo Gallery

Date: 6 to 7 August 2022

Entry price: Free

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