May 26, 2024


Claim: The decline in the labor force participation rate decreased in July because fewer teenagers were working.

On Friday, after Labor Department jobs numbers showed the labor force participation rate fell from 62.2 percent to 62.1 percent despite employers hiring 528,000 new workers, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the reduction is “about teenagers”.

Verdict: Wrong.

While the teen participation rate fell in July from a seasonally adjusted 36.6 to 35.8, that represented a 126,000 drop in the number of teens in work. This contributed to the decline, but contributed less than the decline in the number of adult males in the labor force.
Men in their twenties and older saw their labor force participation rate drop from 70.1 to 69.9. While it was smaller in percentage terms than the decline in teenagers, it was larger in absolute terms because it represented a drop in participation of 183,000. As a result, adult men contributed more than teenagers to the decline in the participation rate. The figures show that men aged twenty-five to thirty-four saw their participation in the labor force fall by 136,000, from 88.9 to 88.3.


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