June 3, 2023

If Aaron Rodgers going to three-peat as NFL MVP, he’ll have to make it with one of the league’s most unproven wide receiver groups.

The Packers in March surprisingly traded for Davante Adams, who has been statistically the best receiver in the league the last two seasons. Green Bay has since been unable to add anyone even close to Adams’ talent level, selecting receivers with two of their first five picks in the draft and signing veteran Sammy Watkins.

During the Hall of Fame Game between the Raiders and Jaguars on Thursday, NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth revealed that Adams told him of Rogers’ uncertain future he played a factor in wanting to go to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Aaron Rodgers’ ‘uncertainty’ revealed to be factor in Davante Adams trade

Aaron Rodgers' 'uncertainty' revealed to be factor in Davante Adams trade

Davante Adams reportedly told Cris Collinsworth that his decision to play for the Raiders was influenced by the fact that Aaron Rodgers was unclear about how much longer he would play. Colin Cowherd reacts to this report and shares why he thinks Rodgers doesn’t understand the power of his own words.

After hearing this, Colin Cowherd blamed Rodgers for the Packers’ receiving situation.

“Sometimes, people will say, ‘stop picking on that guy,’ or ‘you never stop talking about that guy,'” Cowherd said on Friday’s “The Herd.” “…But I’ll remain someone who talks a lot about Aaron Rodgers, because I think while he’s the back to back MVP, he’s getting single, rich, older and weird.”

Cowherd accused Rogers of not knowing how people would react to his actions, such as lying about his vaccine status, and why it might turn people away from him.

“When you get really rich and you get free, and you don’t have anybody to answer to, it all gets very unbalanced and self-indulgent,” Cowherd said. “We’re all guessing with Aaron Rodgers. What does the tattoo mean? What do those subtle retirement hints mean? I don’t think Aaron understands. I know Aaron likes to be the smartest guy in the room, but I don’t think he understands power of his own words.

“Remember when he debated and rejected vaccines? He was shocked at the backlash. You’re Aaron Rodgers.”

Rodgers has made headlines for things he’s said and done off the field over the last year. After sharing his anti-fax stance, Rogers gave ESPN interview days before the Packers’ playoff loss to the 49ers, in which he discussed President Joe Biden, among others.

This offseason, Rodgers got his first tattoo, which is full of different astrological designs. He revealed on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast on Wednesday that he took the psychedelic drug ayahuasca before the 2020 season, which he claimed helped him improve his self-love.

Aaron Rodgers credits ayahuasca for back-to-back MVP seasons

Aaron Rodgers credits ayahuasca for back-to-back MVP seasons

Aaron Rodgers admitted that a South American psychedelic drug called ayahuasca helped him with back-to-back MVP seasons. Colin Cowherd reacts to Rodgers’ admission.

On a more on-field topic, Rodgers said Thursday that he doesn’t plan to play until he’s 45, like Tom Brady. He also shared in June that he himself he thinks about retirement “all the time.”

Cowherd said that as Rodgers enters a “zen phase,” he becomes a little too open, telling him “sometimes you have to keep things to yourself.”

“When you’re in the present and living in the moment, I and I have to take a back seat to us and us,” Cowherd said. “A lot of his comments here are ‘I got a tattoo, this is what it means to me.’ “I took psychedelic drugs because they changed the bullet for me.” Power, impact and words matter.”

Cowherd said the Packers share some of the blame, however, for the situation that has developed with Rodgers and the lack of talent in the receiver room.

“Green Bay is lucky to have him,” Cowherd said. They have no owner. [Matt] LaFleur is lucky to have him. I don’t know yet if Matt is a great coach. He’s lucky to have Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. Everyone kind of knows it. Once the Packers got sniffed about selecting Jordan Love, they increased the leverage and power that Aaron has.”

Does Matt LaFleur deserve a new extension with the Packers?

Does Matt LaFleur deserve a new extension with the Packers?

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the only member of the Packers organization to receive a big payday. Green Bay also cut general manager Brian Gutekunst and coach Matt LaFleur. Colin Cowherd questions the Packers’ decision, then assesses whether or not LaFleur is a great coach.

However, Cowherd still points the finger at Rodgers for the Packers’ receiver situation and how it could be his team’s ultimate downfall.

“Sometimes, suck it up,” Cowherd said. “Take one for the team. Stop talking, especially about the draft, because the Packers have arguably the weakest receiving corps in the league. You can’t win a Super Bowl in 2022 with the weakest weapons in the league.”

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