October 5, 2022

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) criticized her Republican colleagues at NBC Meet the press on Sunday morning to aggressively propose strict abortion restrictions after the Supreme Court’s overturning decision Roe v. Wade earlier this summer.

“The Handmaid’s Tale wasn’t supposed to be a road map,” he told NBC anchor Chuck Todd.

And he warned of the possibility that serious overreach in the conservative party could blow up in the GOP’s face in November — by swaying a wave of otherwise lukewarm voters to vote Democratic. Her comments of course come after Tuesday’s stunning upset in Kansas, where a surprise voter block blocked the state’s bid to roll back abortion rights.

“I’m strongly pro-life,” Mays began with a caveat. “It will be an issue in November if we don’t temper ourselves.”

“We cannot go to the extremes of the right or the extremes of the left,” he said. “Somewhere in the middle we must meet.”

On the television news program, Mays emphasized the need to make exceptions for women who have been victims of sexual assault, noting a traumatic personal experience that she first revealed publicly three years ago: that she was raped at 16. And South Carolina’s lone congresswoman turned up the heat in her own state, too.

“In my state of South Carolina there is legislation that would ban the word ‘abortion’ from a website or website server. There are people who want to ban women from traveling out of state, there are people like in my state who want to ban abortions on women who are victims of rape and girls who are victims of incest,” she lamented.

“The vast majority of people here are OK with some guardrails, but they don’t want the edges of either side,” he said.

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