December 7, 2023

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has warned America that the biggest threat facing the West is not Chinese Communists or Vladimir Putin, but a far-left “fifth column” undermining it from within, particularly through universities.

Farage, honorary president of Reform UK, formerly of the Brexit Party, as well as GB News presenter and campaigner; he said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, that the West “is under attack, under attack like never before, and that the threat is not external — no, not even Nancy Pelosi’s one-woman attempt to start World Third War is the biggest threat we face, and it’s not Putin,” he joked.

“The biggest threat we face is from within… the fifth column within all our countries that is trying to destroy the family unit, trying to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture, trying to destroy our constitution, trying to destroy our history , pride in who we are and what we are,” he stated.

Farage said this was being done “mainly through educational institutions. the universities, the colleges… Our children are being indoctrinated. our universities have become madrassas of Marxism, and it must change — that Needs to change,”

The 58-year-old Brexiteer also slammed the media’s notions of “fake news” such as “white privilege”, which he said was unheard of until recent years, every day.

Farage argued that it teaches children that “if you’re black you’re a victim, if you’re white you’re an oppressor. you should be ashamed of your family… of your country’s history” divides societies, not unites them — and was not intended to do so in the first place.

“It is the English-speaking countries that have this terrible virus worse than anywhere else in the world,” he continued, calling it a “Marxist attempt to break Western civilization. a Marxist attempt to destroy everything we are” — and urging his listeners to fight back.

“When conservative parties stop being conservative, guess what happens? They’re losing,” he warned, singling out the likes of former Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, who delivered one of the world’s most authoritarian coronavirus lockdown regimes, as deserving of his ouster this year.

He did, however, express some satisfaction that the false conservatives he said are infecting the conservative movement had suffered something of a bloody nose in the recent Republican primaries in the United States.

The Briton admitted that the US was the key battleground in the struggle to save Western civilization – “because if America falls, we all fall”.

Farage said he believed American conservatives would find, as they did in Britain during the Brexit referendum, that the “silent majority” was on their side, not buying left-wing narratives about Lia’s sporting achievements Thomas competing with women who are perfectly legitimate. or efforts to label expectant mothers as “pregnant.”

For his part, he backed Donald Trump to lead that race in 2024, praising the former president’s “incredible courage” and “leadership” – as well as his recent weight loss – and suggesting that the war in Ukraine would not now if he was still in the white house.

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