March 2, 2024
iPad Repairs Melbourne

They provide the highest quality work at the lowest possible cost and turnaround time. It may take anywhere from 5 to 12 business days to complete your repair, depending on the kind of service requested. Having your iPad engraved by iPad Repairs Melbourne may take up to 15 business days. We’ll let you know how the repair process is progressing as soon as we acquire your iPad. 

What service options do I have for my iPad?

Give us a call and we’ll send you a label to put on the package. AMT Electronics will give you the boxes you need to send us your product. We’ll fix your iPad or give you a new one as soon as possible. Set up an appointment at an iPad Repairs Melbourne for a carry-in service.

If the issue with your iPad is protected by our guarantee, you won’t have to emolument a payment. If the problem with your iPad isn’t covered, you’ll have to pay either an out-of-warranty fee. Check out the fees on our site. iPad Repairs Melbourne gives you access to expert technical support of Apple and coverage for your Apple hardware, including coverage for damage that was caused by an accident. There is a facility charge for each time roughly gets fragmented by mishap.

Pricing for iPad Repairs Melbourne

When repairs are no longer covered by the warranty. 

  • The Apple assurance no elongated insurance your iPad.
  • Your iPad display gets fragmented unintentionally.
  • Your iPad has other problems that were caused by accidents or changes that were made without your permission.

The charges on AMT Electronics website are for maintenances or substitutes that are not shielded by Apple’s warranty. The charges scheduled include fitting the display. Other provision benefactors may have diverse charges and standings. If the problem with your iPad was caused by damage that wasn’t covered by Apple’s warranty, iPad Repairs Melbourne provides you the full services of a new one.

The Price of Battery Service

If your iPad or Apple Pencil’s battery has a problem that is covered by the Apple Warranty, iPad Repairs Melbourne will fix it for free. At AMT Electronics we will check your iPad to diagnose weather the delinquent is the battery or something different. If your iPad has a different battery problem, we’ll let you know how much it will cost to fix after we find out what’s wrong. Normal wear and tear on batteries is not covered by our warranty. If your battery dies after the warranty is over, iPad Repairs Melbourne can fix it for a fee. 

What to look for

Make sure to back up your data and get your iPad ready for replacement before you send it to us. Your data won’t be on your replacement device, so you’ll need to get it from your backup.

Once we get your iPad, iPad Repairs Melbourne will send you information about fees, repairs, and replacements. As part of its repair or replacement service, AMT Electronics may give you new or previously used Apple-made parts that have been tested and meet Apple’s functional requirements.

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