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Documents required to register as Meesho Supplier Panel on Meesho

meesho supplier panel

meesho supplier panel

How do I register as a seller on Meesho?

“How to sign up as Seller for Meesho?” “What is Meesho’s business model?” “How do you sell on Meesho Supplier Panel?” All these are questions that are commonly asked by sellers. With that in mind the following is a straightforward guide for becoming Meesho’s seller.

Meesho is an Indian social-e-commerce business which operates on the basis of a vast system of online resellers. Customers can also purchase straight from vendors. Meesho was established in the year 2015 by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barwal. Since the outbreak and the growth of social media websites, Meesho Supplier Panel has gained huge popularity among sellers of eCommerce and, of course, consumers.

Meesho recently announced that they have raised funding for the business. The valuation for Meesho in the range of $4.9 billion makes the company one of the most highly valued startups. As an eCommerce seller you’ll surely gain from adding this to your marketplaces.

What is the business Model for Meesho?

Meesho is open to all types of sellers. Its model of business includes B2C and B2B selling. That means that major sellers sell their products to their customers, as well as smaller resellers that sell the products to their customers.

To clarify how to explain the B2B aspect, it’s essential to be aware that Meesho has created a whole community of resellers, mainly women. They have an income source that is reliable. In towns that have little internet connectivity, resellers usually provide buyers with access to high-quality products across the nation. This is how selling on Meesho Supplier Panel operates:

This method of business has its advantages:

For B2C the service is similar to an online store, in which the buyer can look through products and then purchase items for personal consumption. The purchase through Meesho is believed to be more affordable compared to other shopping websites. This is due to the fact that the prices are comparable to wholesale prices. Meesho Supplier Panel is able to accommodate those who are price conscious.

Which are the Categories offered on Meesho? started off with just fashion clothing. The company later expanded into different categories. It is the very first Indian site to be able to obtain an investment from Facebook mostly because it was among the first online selling sites. Meesho offers more than 50 lakh items in different categories to choose from. The most sought-after categories are:

Kitchen & Kitchen: If you are a vendor in this category , you need to sign up on Meesho. The subcategories that fall under this category are upholstery, decorative showpieces kitchen cooking equipment including crockery, cookware, and much more. Apart from that, they include sections for fitness and sports stationary, office and home items within this category.

Electronics Accessories: In this category, you can find the items you need for grooming phones, smartwatches, smartwatches household appliances, and many more.

The Beauty and Health category is comprised of obvious makeup, perfumes products for body cleansing, hair care products, and many more. Additionally, in terms of health, this section is comprised of oral care items, feminine hygieneproducts, and more.

How do I register as a seller on Meesho?

Registering your business on Meesho is simple. It doesn’t require a lot of information , nor is the registration process lengthy. Before you start registration on Messho make sure that you have all the required documents and the necessary requirements.

The process: Sign up as a seller on Meesho

After you have all your documents ready, you can begin with the process of registration. Meesho offers an online seller panel registration dashboard that you can gain access to when you register. In the past, the process was slow and required a 24-plus hours waiting time for approval. Now, Meesho has made the process faster and more efficient for sellers. This is a step-by-step procedure:

Meesho Supplier Panel — Final Setup

After you’ve completed registering and have created your account, you’ll get access to the panel for suppliers. Before you can begin selling, you’ll have to follow some important steps.

It is possible to do this in your panel of suppliers. If you’ve left your account, you can return by clicking here.

How do I upload a Single Catalog to Meesho

How do I upload catalogs for catalog upload in Bulk on Meesho

Tips for Kick-Starting Your business on Meesho

Catalog Listing

On Meesho to increase visibility it is essential to create an abundance of catalogs. Typically, after having approximately 5–6 catalogs, you will begin to receive orders for your items. Therefore, having more catalogs and items increases your chance of receiving orders.


This is a crucial aspect to take into consideration. Make sure you’ve determine the cost of the product. This is done by keeping in mind the cost of manufacturing and profit margin and the price of the market. Your price should be attractive and be worth the purchase when compare to comparable products on the market.

In addition, to assist you in determine the cost Meesho offers an option tool for recommendation. It will recommend prices that are in line with the market’s demand. By doing this, you will definitely bring you orders!

Market Trends

As an entrepreneur, it is important to watch out for trends in the market and the items that are in high demand. Making sure you have unique and innovative products available on the market will ensure that you’ve generate a positive demand for your goods.

Next-Day Dispatch

Meesho prefers catalogs that are eligible for that next day delivery (NDD) programme. If you can prove that your products are component in the NDD program, you will be given priority. The basic idea behind this NDD program is the place where products must be able to deliver orders the same day that it was receive. Because this results in increase customer satisfaction and experience, the website prioritizes this.

Meesho provides attractive commissions to suppliersand sellers. This is why we believe it.

Settlement amount = price of product (in dollars) Commission + GST — TSC

Note that virtually every category has a zero percent commission rate. To determine if you are in this group, please click this link.


Here are all you need to know to become an vendor on Meesho. Meesho Supplier Panel works well for novice as well as experience sellers. Because registration is easy and rules aren’t as strict, it’s an ideal practice area for novice eCommerce sellers. We we wish you the best on the road to success on your Meesho journey.

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