September 25, 2022
paid guest posting

paid guest posting

Write for us

One of the principles that are the foundation of Pensive Blogs is plurality and the diversity of ideas, so anyone is able to write paid guest posting Pensive Blogs .

The main requirement is for interest writers to submit a pitch of what they would like to write about and a bio of themselves to before they start to write.

How do I know what steps you need to follow in order to take to pitch Pensive Blogs ?

Send your story to the section in Pensive Blogs that best suits your story. Take a look at our other channels: Politics Reflections, Culture and Ideas, Op-Eds and Ideas Data Stories or long Reads and let us know where your story will fit. Read through Pensive Blogs to get a impression of the voice and content we’ve publish.

Tell us the main idea behind the story and why it’s significant. Keep it brief and concise. The pitch should not exceed 500 words. Tell us who you are by sending us a short bio.

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What is it that Pensive Blogs Accept?

We don’t accept promotional articles such as unsolicit articles, brief opinions and book reviews, as well as vague or general articles. Use Google Search to ensure that you don’t send us ideas for stories which we have cover extensively. If you are keen on writing for us, please submit your pitch to and we shall be in touch to discuss the next steps in detail.

What is the average length for one Pensive Blog article?

Our articles are anywhere between 1,500 to 3,500 words. We look for well-research and honest critiques, as well as critical essays, and sharp-eye views on a wide range of subjects view through the Pan India .

Could you provide an example of an elevator pitch?

Pitch Concept Example:

The Unheard

This piece will examine why, often, despite being able to see an equal share of an eagle, women get kept out of crucial discussions, even when the decisions they make will affect women in the most fundamental way. If women are allow to participate they are usually the type of women are believe by the male hegemony to not upset the system.

When we are approaching elections, I’ll attempt to understand how this plays out in the political arena. The mainstream news media across Kenya has been involve in the suppression of women’s voices when they’re being debate by having all-male panelists who provide political commentary, or having male-dominate commentators in all major newspapers.

However, numerous intelligent and politically inform women are able to be found in every major political party to provide feedback, but they tend to turn to blogs or other forms of social media platforms to allow their opinions to be heard.

Where can I forward my pitch?

Send us an email at

What time should I anticipate receiving feedback regarding my pitch?

Our editorial staff is expect to evaluate the pitch and reply with any next actions within 10 business days. Only pitch authors who have been accept will be reach. If you do not hear from us for 14 days, please contact us again to inquire about whether your pitch is still in the process of being accept.

What do we next for pitches that have been approve?

After the pitch has been accept after which the editor will respond with curatorial guidance for the piece. The editor should be able to provide a timeline for the date the piece is schedule by the team responsible for the production.

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Do this Pensive Blogs pay?

We are a non-for profit company, so we have a commissioning budget that is modest. Discussion of payments is conduct with every writer once a pitch has been accept for commissioning. When the article is publish, the writer will be sent a notice with instructions on how to send an invoice

. The payment is due during the first 10 working days following the start of the month for any articles that were publish during the month preceding.

If you are keen on writing for us, please submit your pitch to and we shall be in touch to discuss the next steps in detail.

Thank you for your support to Pensive Blogs


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