December 2, 2023

A 40-year-old mother died in an accident while lifting weights at the gym. Video originally uploaded to Reddit on Feb 24, 2022 by @u/LearnShiit. @u/LearnShiit is part of the @r/CrazyFuckingVideos community, moderated by a bot and viewed by millions in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

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Video description

The Reddit post revealed that the woman and the gym were new and had little experience lifting weights with the Smith machine. Mom tried to deadlift 405 pounds. At first he was able to lift it, but when he got close to the bench, he was unable to lift it and fell on the bench.

Lifting the weight broke his neck, causing instant death. Three people had to carry the load. Then the mother is killed and the girl witnesses the whole incident.

What happened to Smith’s car? Video Reddit:

Mom was not a bodybuilder. He had to start ruling.

For a 405-pound body, lifting 405 pounds (or 185 kg) is not recommended.

Mother could carry less weight.

Mother was not a caregiver during pregnancy.

Mom usually doesn’t wear a belt.

The girl died in Smith’s car.

But if this place becomes someone’s death. Amazingly, the video is going viral in the UK, Canada and the US and people are looking for Smith Machine Scott. This incident has shocked everyone and people are worried that the girl who was in the car died in the accident. So read this article to know about this accident. Watch: Smith Machine Squat Dead Video – Girl Smith Machine Squat Dead

But it was not sitting at the right place and height.

If mom is in the right position and can land on a weightlifting board safety stop, this women’s iron machine YouTube video stop will effectively protect her head and neck.

With over 594K members contributing to the @r/CrazyFuckingVideos community, Smith Machine has become a female weightlifting sensation. The name of the gym and the address of the facility were not disclosed.

Reddit, as always, allows you to upload videos directly. The video was quickly posted on Twitter and another Reddit user @u/StillbornTartare posted the video on March 9, 2022.

The first video posted in February received 519 comments, while Smith’s car received 613 comments in March, with both videos receiving 4.4K votes. Many of the comments on this post are full of sadness and regret.

How did the girl die in Smith Snow Scott?

In the video, a girl lifted 405 kg and 180 kg. He prefers weight over body type. So the woman’s top is under the car. He fell down. The two men tried to escape with the pumice stone, but the woman surrendered and it was too late to free her. We must separate ourselves. If the problems had been addressed, this accident would not have occurred and could have been prevented.

When a video goes viral?

Girl Dez Smith Car Squats Reddit Crash Video has gone viral on Twitter, Reddit and various other social media platforms. The video went viral on March 12, 2022, when the incident took place in late February. It was distributed on many platforms and the video was watched by many people.

Online viewers Smith Carr Scott dies on February 20, 2022. The event was held in a fitness center where people are getting fit but no one is paying attention to weight training. Explain someone’s death. People are looking for an explanation behind this incident, who died? This video went viral on the Internet on March 12, 2022. People were shocked when they saw the video.

Who was the woman in the video?

The woman in this video is famous in Mexico. She was a mother. He could not control his rapidly increasing weight. His body was heavy. As a result, his head was buried under the car. The boys tried to escape from the cargo but could not save him and he died on the spot.

Why did he wait?

As we all know, she is also a mother and we know that the incident happened when her daughter was an extra at the fitness center. Girls need to show their girls that they are very effective and can carry the burden on their shoulders. So he had an uncontrollable weight on his arm. He never thought about the consequences of this mistake. While the woman was driving, the girl turned into a statue and could not even speak. He was very sad for his mother.


The identities of the gym, gym owners, mother and daughter are unknown. The only information about the victim is that he is from Mexico. The date of the event is unknown.

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