February 8, 2023
Renault Parts

Renault Parts

Familiarising yourself with your vehicle’s basic repairs avoids negligence. This means being able to early identify part failure and quickly perform repairs. In this article, we’ve introduced basic repairs that can be easily performed by just about anyone – without having to break the bank.

Why Should You Do Your Own Repairs?

Learning basic vehicle repairs can not only present us with peace of mind, but also a sense of pride. Being able to identify and understand your vehicle’s needs- makes repairs much cheaper and fewer in the long run. One of the biggest benefits of doing your own repairs, would definitely be saving on the cost of labour – as many of us can agree on, can cost an arm and leg at times.

Easy DIY Repairs That Anyone Can Do.

1. Properly Inflate Your Vehicle’s Tyres.

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres is crucial for the safety of your life as well as the lives of others. Practising regular tyre inflation checks will help you to prevent additional wear and tear and also prolong lifespan. This is a free service that can be performed at your local petrol station within minutes.

●     Gently remove the air valve of your tyre- and safely set aside valve caps.

●     Attach the gauge to your tyre valve stem- ensuring that the connection is held firmly.

●     Remove the gauge as soon as you hear the sound of air stop.

●     Place your tyre valve cap back on.

 2. Regularly Monitor Fluids.

Engine oil and water should become part of your basic daily car check.  Water in your vehicle’s engine is an essential element when it comes to cooling factors, while the rest of the fluids are mainly responsible for the lubrication of parts. Driving with insufficient lubricants can result in mechanical failures such as a seized engine and damaged Renault Parts.

Oil Checks:

●     Place the dipstick firmly into the tube and monitor for any dirt. Maintain a healthy engine with clean oil at all times.

●     An oil reading between both lines is sufficient, while oil towards the bottom requires a fill up asap.

Water Refill:

●     Your vehicle’s water levels are displayed on the water bottle – found within the engine compartment. Fill as per bottle’s requirements.

●     Your vehicle’s water should be checked every day – no water in your vehicle’s engine can cause unnecessary mechanical failures.

3. Remove Interior Stains.

A clean vehicle will always uphold more value when compared to any other perspective- respectfully. Performing a simple cleaning task at least once a month can drastically improve the overall condition. The following are basic items that can be found at home to perform basic maintenance on the material/leather of your vehicle:

●     Bucket of water.

●     Clean cloth.

●     Soap.

●     Brush.

4.  Regular Exterior Maintenance.

The body of your vehicle is a reflection of your dedication and care for its overall performance. Making the necessary time available to perform a polish routine or even simple wash, is best to combat minor incidents such as scratches and bumper scars.

●     Using the above listed items, with the use of additional water- these items are the essential basics that can be used to clean your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

●     Depending on the polish in your procession – refer to the instructions for best application, according to the type of polish requirements.

5.  Replace Your Headlight On Your Own.

Your vehicle’s headlights are not only used to see other vehicles, but also to be seen by other drivers at night. Replacing your vehicle’s headlights is not quite the hassle you may begin to think. All you need is the correct bulb that matches the faulty part and clean tissue to begin the replacement process.

●     Ensure your vehicle is switched off before disconnecting the three power wires of your headlight.

●     Switch your old headlight with the new part.

●     Connect the power cables securely.

When you perform a routine schedule for your vehicle, the chances of nasty surprises are significantly lower. Being able to identify and understand your vehicle’s needs- makes repairs much cheaper and fewer. Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for specifications and requirements to best maintain your vehicle at its best mechanical condition.

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