May 28, 2024


These are my top eight reasons to not commit to fitness and health. Being a trainer, I have heard all. As you can see, they all have solutions, and they all have in common the idea that if you are genuinely dedicated – there are no excuses. This could make you miss an exercise or two, but they shouldn’t get against something you truly want, as beneficial as more fitness and better health. Dr jay Feldman

#1 EXCUSE = “I have no time.” !!!”

#1 SOLUTION = Create time! This may sound simple, but it’s about knowing that your fitness and health time are important. Schedule it like an appointment, and treat it as you would with an appointment for any other major event. Make an appointment with an instructor! There are bound to be issued, and you might skip a few training sessions and need to plan another appointment! It is impossible to save time. However, we can decide how we use time! There are more than 168 hours in a single week. All you need is three! Prime ministers, presidents and mothers of six can make time, and so will anyone who attempts.


#2 SOLUTION = If you aren’t enjoying the process, you’re probably not seeing results! What can you do to stop being more energetic? Set achievable, small objectives so you can see you’re progressing! A Change your mindset! You can choose which things you like or dislike feel – it’s not made up for you but developed through your thinking and how you decide to view it. Take a look at a self-help book! Speak to an instructor, take classes, work with a partner, engage in any sport, and stroll in an area of the park. All you have to do is get moving, and there are thousands of possibilities for those searching. Dr jay Feldman

#3 EXCUSE = “I can’t afford a gym or TRAINER.”

#3 SOLUTION =”BULL-DUST!” If you’re ever unsure of how much you’re investing in your fitness and health – think about examining other things you

Spend money on. Drinking? Smoking? Your vehicle? Clothes? Dining out? Your phone? Coffee? Are they less important to you than the single and sole body? The last time I checked, taking a stroll in the park or performing some push-ups in the backyard doesn’t cost you any money.

#4 EXCUSE “I don’t have the energy. I’m not fit enough to Go to the gym.”

#4 solution: The power won’t just be handed to you. You have to earn it by investing in it! As more energy you put into it, the more fuel you’ll be able to use! You do not have to be able to run a marathon by the third week of “your new regimen”. You only need to start where you are now and move slowly and safely toward where you’d like to be. It doesn’t have to be painful! Dr jay Feldman


#5 SOLUTION is REASON! Find the reason! “Motivation is a flame emanating from the inside”! You have to have your motivations and be able to hold them up! It’s normal to go upwards and downwards, but you must keep your focus.

Try, and you’ll be successful! If you believe this assertion as accurate, you’re losing your own beliefs, and it’s a wrong attitude and philosophy, one you need to modify if you want to alter your mind. The first step to change is always mental! Dr jay Feldman

#6 EXCUSE “I am too old, and I’ve never done it before.”

#6 SOLUTION = If you’re over the age of 60, you’re aware that fear is an uninformed servant. If you had allowed the mentality of “I’ve never done this before” to be the guiding principle for your decisions, you wouldn’t have been able to walk, never spoke or made acquaintances, never experienced sexual relations and never had employment, never owned an automobile, never married. Never had children, never tasted fine food or wine, and basically have never done anything. Older dogs don’t need to learn “new techniques” to be healthier and fit (most aspects are natural and common). However, they should keep an open mind. Dr jay Feldman

#7 EXCUSE “I’m not sure what to do or where to begin.”

#7 SOLUTION Start at home with a partner or visit the personal trainer or classes at a gym or gym that offers personalized programs. A reputable fitness expert will meet you where you are and provide you with the appropriate guidance. However, if you cannot find a trainer, locate a knowledgeable companion or colleague, or join a club that offers assistance. It’s not rocket science, but some direction can be helpful.


#8 SOLUTION = You need to be aware. Find out if you require medical or fitness guidance from someone familiar with what they are doing (that includes fitness and medical people – there are good and bad people in both fields). Some improvements are possible in the case of injury, illness or illness, and better health and fitness are possible. Dr jay Feldman

Most excuses are inside your head and need an adjustment of mindset and possibly a little problem-solving.

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