May 28, 2024
Dad and Buried the Anti Parenting Blog

The author of Dad and Buried the Anti Parenting Blog, Mike Julianelle, uses sarcasm to vent his frustrations about being a parent. He celebrates parental irresponsibility and neglect. He even writes about his son. While his blog has many fans, not all parents will find it amusing with

Mike Julianelle is the author of Dad and Buried

The author of Dad and Buried is thirty-year-old Brooklynite Mike Julianelle, who writes about his experiences as a parent and family. Though often cynical, Julianelle’s blog is a helpful space for readers to air their concerns about parenthood. While some of the posts are offensive, others are humorous or informative.

Mike Julianelle is a thirty-year-old Brooklynite who is a new father. His blog is filled with funny posts about the challenges of parenthood and life with kids. Although he claims that his blog is family-friendly, some of his posts are inappropriate for parents. The blog also raises awareness for rare conditions.

The blog started as a personal blog but has since turned into a controversial anti-parent site. The author’s anti-parent stance is offensive to some readers, but others may find the posts helpful or amusing. Although he portrays himself as a “counter-parent” and a cynical critic. His blog is an honest account of the problems parents face as parents.

He uses sarcasm to vent frustrations with parents

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He celebrates parental neglect and recklessness

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent is a parenting blog written by Brooklyn-based dad Mike Julianelle. The site is devoted to sharing experiences with parenting children with sarcasm and humour. Readers can post anonymous comments on the blog to provide feedback or support for other parents. Although the blog might not be for everyone, many readers enjoy its humorous tone.

“Dad and Buried the Anti Parent” has been online for over a decade and has gained popularity among both parents and non-parents. It is an excellent resource for parents who want to learn about parenting issues and learn from the experiences of other parents. The blog addresses a variety of issues, from drug addiction to relationship problems and family issues.

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent is an excellent source of information about parenting issues, with articles addressing various topics, such as divorce, parenting, and the media’s role in the lives of kids. The blog is written by a father who has lived through it all and has a unique perspective on parenting.

He writes about his son

The Dad and Buried the Anti Parenting Blog is a witty parenting blog written by Brooklynite Mike Julianelle. The blog is filled with sarcasm, but Mike is also realistic about parenting and recognizes the many sacrifices parents have to make to raise a child. He hopes that his blog will give other parents a voice and a safe place to talk about parenting issues.

The blog’s creator, Mike Julianelle, describes himself as a “counter-parent” who uses his parenting blog as a place to vent his frustrations. He acknowledges that being a parent is a demanding, exhausting, and sometimes painful job. He hopes that by writing about his experiences, readers will gain an understanding of how to deal with the demands of parenthood. While the blog may not be for everyone, many readers have found it to be a funny and informative source for parents.

The blog is written by Mike Julianelle, a thirty-something Brooklynite who lives in North Carolina with his wife and son. He aims to help other parents deal with the difficulties of parenthood. And writes about his experiences in an open, honest, and sometimes cynical way.

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