February 25, 2024
Top 5 Outdoor Team Building Activities in 2022

Outdoor team building activities are socialization exercises for teams to enhance colleague connections. These exercises are an excellent way to improve various abilities, including creative thinking and cooperation.

According to a Globoforce study, workplace connections are critical to 89 per cent of workers’ overall quality of life. According to the research, even a single workplace buddy might boost an employee’s loyalty to their firm.

Deep ties among colleagues enhance employees’ work experiences, making them happier and more devoted to their employment. It helps firms operate better since happy workers tend to do more for the corporation.

Check out some of our fun and enjoyable outdoor team-building activity ideas to get you and your staff out in the fresh air.

1. Treasure hunt with GPS

Organise an outdoor team-building excursion for your group. Using cutting-edge GPS technology, you and your team will navigate through concealed checkpoints, locking in on unknown places to earn points. This engaging outing promotes collaboration via planning and cooperation. It encourages participation via dialogue, and everyone has a good time.

2. Outdoor painting party

Get your staff outdoors, whether it’s on the corporate campus or a nearby park. Set up easels and bring out the paints for an outdoor painting night. Our Thriver-approved vendor will send you paint supplies and accompany you on a virtual instructional tour so you can create your unique piece of art. Participating in a creative project can relieve stress and minimise burnout. 

3. Car wash for charity

Poll your employees to find out which charity is the most popular at your firm. Involve your employees in the planning, and then organise a weekend vehicle wash. Vehicles may enter your lot for $5 or $10 each scrub, and you and your staff can make them gleam and shine. If you don’t have your parking lot, contact a nearby company that has one and closes for the weekend. 

4. Survivor-style competitions

Divide your staff into tribes and participate in the Corporate Survivor challenge based on the popular TV reality programme. Groups compete in a series of competitions, with the victors of one competition receiving an edge in the next. The challenge is full of twists and turns as each tribe wins points and benefits.

5. Make a bike for charity

With the team charity bike-building challenge, you may work toward a shared objective of supporting children in need. Your organization will work in groups to complete tasks to gain components and tools for their group. As organizations amass the necessary resources, they design and construct a bicycle.

The two-hour challenge immerses your team in a public-spirited outdoor activity that builds teamwork and a shared goal. Working together to obtain the essential components and assemble the bike improves resource management and strategic planning abilities.

Bottom Line

Our passion is developing a worker-friendly workplace culture. Employees who like their job have more to give their employer, and the thriver is here to assist you at every step in amplifying your team’s working experience. Outdoor team-building activities are just what your employees need to improve their work life.

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