May 28, 2024
VPS Hosting in Iran

VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies – VPS hosting uses a Virtual Private server for web hosting. It virtually simulates the dedicated server environment within a shared server and is suitable for businesses that exceed the resource limits of shared hosting.

However, where multiple users share a single server. You don’t have a guarantee for your resource. So you may require server resources like RAM, CPU, and data storage for a growing business.

VPS is a layer over Operating System to provide dedicated server features while the physical server is shared among the users. Being cost-effective, users prefer VPS for growing businesses, and the growing trend of cryptocurrencies is on the way.

People are looking to pay for VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies. Here we will discuss this opportunity in Iran.

VPS hosting in Iran 

Iranian VPS hosting is recommendable if you want high speed and processing for your small to medium-traffic business website. To fulfill this purpose, it’s mandatory to avail of the hosting services from a company with VPS in Iran.  

VPS in Iran has its operating system and offers personalized solutions according to the user’s requirements. As a result, the Iranian market is unique, with exceptionally optimized VPS hosting services for client satisfaction. And it is great for secure web hosting.

Moreover, VPS hosting is user-friendly and effective in Iran but highly-priced than in other places for local data centers. However, some digital agencies strive to provide cheap VPS in Iran by establishing their data center in Iran.

For example, Navicosoft is a leading VPS hosting provider in Iran with its affordable and expertly managed VPS hosting. The data center been has established within Iran for the best user experience.

It enables its clients with a reliable, scalable, and adaptable fantastic collection of VPS hosting services and rank at the top in Iran.

Why choose VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity day by day for local, international, and digital payments. There are several benefits of buying VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) that are listed below:

1. Anonymity

You can secure your private information with crypto payments . By paying with cryptocurrency, your transactions have an identifier in the Blockchain that acts as an address for your wallet. You don’t need to register any account in any financial institution to make transactions.

2. Decentralized payment

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means that they don’t invest your money. So, you have complete control of your money and can access it anytime in your cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, unlike banks, cryptocurrencies have no specified working hours, and you can transact money whenever required.

3. Instant Payment

Digital payment systems for VPS through cryptocurrencies ease payments from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t require a long processing time to complete your purchase. So, to pay urgently for your plan renewal, rather than depending on specific regional banks, is the best choice.

4. Easy and painless exchanges

Cryptocurrency doesn’t involve any third-party verification. The Blockchain cuts the intermediaries like banks, so with no processing fees. Payments can be made faster without any exchange problems.

How to pay with cryptocurrencies for VPS hosting?

Virtual currencies are not virtual anymore. Both sellers and buyers believed in transferring virtual money into FIAT currencies. Digital marketing and IT agencies are accepting cryptocurrencies in Iran.

So, buying VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies in Iran and Central Asia is not a problem anymore. The most commonly recognized currency for online payments is Bitcoin. But others are also acceptable as per the company’s payment policy.

Navicosoft is not only the best service provider with powerful hardware but offers diverse payment methods for VPS hosting. It is one of the pioneer companies in Iran that allows purchasing with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Virtual payment was never easy before; now, you will only select your VPS hosting plan and the payment method. You need to provide your email and scan the QR supplied to you by the company.

With a few clicks, you will get the notification for your payment confirmation, and that’s it. What will be more convenient than this virtual payment option?


Cryptocurrencies are the world’s future, and synchronizing the modern payment modes for digital services leads to business growth and opportunities.

Navicosoft is a leading digital company to facilitate its users with the best quality services without any payment issues. Anyone can rely on Navicosoft for buying VPS hosting with cryptocurrencies in Iran.

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