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The Easiest and More Efficient Game Engine


The gaming industry is expanding at an exponential rate thanks to rapid development in gaming technology. And with that, making games has become easier than ever before. There are plenty of game development tools out there that you can use to develop a game entirely on your own. Game Engines like Unity, Unreal, and more recently, Crey have made the process even more accessible to the general population.

However, with so many different options, it can get quite frustrating for a beginner to choose the one that meets their needs and is also easy to understand. So, in this guide, we are going to try and figure out the easiest and more efficient game engine for beginners to start with!

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What Makes a Good Game Engine?

Before we dive into the complexities of this matter, we need to talk about what makes a good game engine in the first place. And well, there are quite a lot of factors to keep in mind here. But for the sake of simplicity, we are only taking into consideration some of the most common factors that are great for beginners, such as community, assets, performance, and platforms.


One of the things that make a Game Engine truly easy to start with for a beginner is community. Having a vast and active community can make even the hardest of jobs look easy. You can learn about pretty much everything related to game development by searching online through official forums or finding video tutorials on YouTube.

And for beginners with absolutely no knowledge about coding whatsoever, I think Crey is doing exceptionally well by building an active community where people can come together to build games from scratch, using super intuitive game development tools, and letting others try out your games on Crey and leave their feedback.


Making a game can take anywhere between several years to ten minutes and a team of thousands of developers to just a single person depending on what you want to achieve and how much you are willing to spend. But as beginners, people usually start solo with no one to help them out. Meaning they must fight on multiple fronts including game art, design, coding, and testing.

And that’s where pre-made assets come into play. Game Development platforms like Crey have a huge collection of assets that developers can use for their games and are completely free as well. These assets include everything from 2D to 3D environments, characters, and much more. These assets come in handy for beginners who just want to focus on a single aspect of game development or create a full-fledged video game only using free assets.

Performance and Platforms

In terms of performance, Game Engines like Unity and Unreal Engine are exceptionally great. But they are not the easiest to start with for total beginners and that’s something that Crey is striving to change by making game development accessible to everyone with an internet connection.

And since it’s a browser-based game development tool, you can easily create games for multiple platforms. But the thing that I like the most is how straightforward it is to publish your games with very little or no restrictions at all.

Keeping all that in mind, I think Crey is one of the easiest and not to mention, powerful game development tools for beginners to get started with, and for many good reasons. If you are someone who is still on the fence about what game engine to use, I would highly recommend giving this one a shot.

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