December 1, 2023
Simple Birds Drawing For Kids | Birds Drawing Tutorial

Drawing For Kids Children are inherently curious and imaginative, and parents can foster these traits in their offspring by including them in arts and crafts activities. To improve their skills and maintain their attention, you could teach your child simple drawings like the animal design if they are interested in drawing.

This detailed instruction manual is a fantastic approach to teaching your youngster a new drawing skill. Drawing For Kids is pretty easy, and your child will have fun doing it.

The Supplies You’ll Need to Draw a Bird

For a flawless bird drawing, you will require the following supplies.

  • One graphite pencil of type HB or B.
  • one eraser
  • A piece of white paper or cardstock of A4 size

Drawing a Bird for Children in 5 Easy Steps

Here is a tutorial showing you how to draw a bird in five easy steps! This manual is ideal for newcomers!

Outline first:

  • All you have to do is sketch a candy cane to represent the bird’s head and body. To create the head, you can draw a line with a tiny upward curve, as in the image below. For the beak, create a slight curve.

Make eye contact:

  • Under the curving skull, draw a tiny circle and fill it with material to create the eyes. Next, draw the beak as seen in the illustration.

Create the body and add the wings:

  • Connect the outline with a semicircle to create the bird’s wing. Create a larger semicircle and join it at the bottom, like in the illustration. The little arc will form the bird’s tail at the bottom.

Sketch the feet and the feathers:

  • Draw two arcs inside the tail and three inside the semicircle to represent the bird’s feathers. Create two tiny parallel lines from the outside semicircle, then create tiny arcs underneath the lines to create the feet.

The bird’s coloring:

  • The bird should be painted orange and yellow. The remaining body should be colored dark orange, and the wings should be colored yellow, as in the illustration. It should have a brown beak.
  • Your child will have mastered drawing a bird in just five easy steps. Let him practice drawing a bird before showing him how to draw other creatures.
  • The focus, hand-eye coordination, and imagination of your youngster will all develop as a result of their enjoyment of drawing. So let him sketch and make his wonderful universe!


Beautiful birds with extremely long tongues are woodpeckers. They enjoy writing music. They enjoy eating nuts as well. Rank among the world’s most intelligent and intelligent birds. These birds stand for strength, perseverance, good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. They get along well with others. A woodpecker lives 4 to 11 years on average.


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Your children will learn how to draw six birds, including bluebirds, toucans, ostriches, flamingos, penguins, and a peacock, using these step-by-step tutorials on how to draw a bird.
Drawing a bird is simple with the help of these printable step-by-step instructions. As they follow these simple instructions, your kids’ confidence will increase.

I’m confident your children can apply what they’ve learned about various bird body forms to draw various birds, even though these tutorials are for drawing six distinct species of birds.


This free printable paper teaches you how to draw a bluebird. Drawing a bluebird will help you sketch other little birds with compact bodies, such as finches, sparrows, and more.


Your student can use the same body shape and posture they use to draw toucans to draw other larger birds, such as parrots!


With these six basic steps, drawing an ostrich is straightforward.


All sorts of penguins may easily be drawn with this straightforward guide on how to draw a penguin. To give your penguin a little individuality, add embellishments.


Drawing a peacock is a beautiful experience because there are many possibilities for adding patterns and color. This page on how to draw a peacock is a fantastic starting point! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE KIDS’ HOW TO DRAW BIRDS PAGES.

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