February 22, 2024
Hybrid Event Platforms

Hybrid events combine the best aspects of the in-person and online world and provide a wider audience through physical and online participation. They are back in trend because of their greater flexibility for exhibitors, sponsors, and visitors. 

To host a successful hybrid event you will need a hybrid event platform. However, choosing which hybrid event platform to use for your event can take time and effort. In addition, it can be challenging for event organizers to find a platform that is easy to use and offers users a top-notch experience.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 6 hybrid event platforms and mentioned their key features so that you can select one according to your needs. 

Top 6 Hybrid Event Platforms For 2023 

Here are the top 6 hybrid event platforms that you should consider using in 2023 

1. Dreamcast 

Dreamcast is one of the top virtual and hybrid event platforms. You can host virtual and hybrid events of any size and type using the virtual event platform without the audience cap function. It can host various virtual and hybrid events like virtual meetings, hybrid conferences or education, hybrid and virtual trade exhibits, expos, job fairs, product launches, and networking events. In addition, the platform provides fascinating features, from networking and interaction to data analytics, which helps simulate real-world event experiences online.

Some of the fascinating networking features provided by the platform include business card exchange, B2B meeting calendar, AI-matchmaking, virtual networking tables, live audio/video chat capabilities, 2-way interactions, and more. 

2. EventMobi 

EventMobi is also a well-known hybrid event platform. It offers question-and-answer sessions,  event polls, surveys, and gamification options. The platform is versatile and stands out from its competitors. It also makes integrating with well-known systems like Marketo and Salesforce easier.

Event organizers can make websites and can use email marketing on the platform, and it also helps manage the entire online check-in process. In addition, the virtual environment offered by EventMobi is a flexible online area with video-on-demand and live feeds for various conferences.

3. vFairs

vFairs is one of the most renowned names in the event industry. It is a platform that enables event organizers to reach people worldwide. The platform helps event organizers host hybrid events like trade shows, career expos, team meetings, and conferences. Thanks to its many customizable and integrable functions, it can handle live, hybrid, and virtual events.

It offers various features that make the platform unique from others in the industry. It offers a dashboard that provides more insightful and valuable data that helps formulate wiser selections. It customizes the email campaign and landing page to reach the intended audience and accommodate their preferences.

4. Bizzabo 

When discussing hybrid event platforms, we can’t miss Bizzabo. It integrates with the most popular marketing tools available in the industry, for instance, Slack, HubSpot, and Eloqua. It also allows the event organizer to create a microsite for their event. This feature makes setting up an event page and registration form simple.

It allows the organizer to send push notifications. It also offers various interactive tools like polls,  surveys, etc. It is a simple platform and can be a reliable choice for hybrid events of small scale. 

5. Stova

Stova is an in-one event platform that can help host both virtual and hybrid events. It can cater to both small and medium-scale events. It has tools for attendance registration and management and is simple for event organizers. It allows the event organizer to customize the templates for registration. You won’t have to worry about starting from zero while creating your hybrid event. It also offers event analytics. Q&A and polls are some additional features that the platform offers.

6. Hubilo 

Hubilo is a hybrid events platform that helps you accomplish business goals. It offers users interesting experiences. It is best known for its engagement features and gamification elements that help event organizers increase audience participation.

Hubilo allows third-party integration. It offers integration with well-known payment processors like Stripe and marketing and sales automation software like Salesforce and HubSpot. Using the event app from Hubilo, attendees can view and participate in real-time (available for both iOS and Android). 

The Bottom Line 

There are various hybrid event platforms available in the industry for instance hybrid exhibition platform, hybrid fair platform, hybrid AGM platform, hybrid town hall meeting platform, and hybrid trade shows platform, etc. You can choose any of these platforms according to your event needs. The hybrid platform compares different features like engagement tools and technology, analytics dashboard, gamification feature, live streaming feature, and the important factor pricing policy of the platform. 

We have short-listed and mentioned some of the most popular hybrid event platforms from Dreamcast to Hubilo. All of these platforms offer quality service for your events. So choose one and host your next hybrid event. 

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