November 30, 2023
instagram guide

I have found new feature: Instagram Guides

I think that Social media has emerged as a significant channel for both personal and professional communication in the modern world. It’s no surprise that platforms like Instagram have attracted such a large following given their extensive reach and continuously changing features.

A few significant aspects set Instagram apart from other social media platforms. Instagram is primarily focused on sharing images, such as photos, videos, and stories, whereas Facebook and other networks are more for sharing news, personal updates, and engaging with an audience.

Instagram users share more personal information about their lives and viewpoints than users of other platforms, making it a more intimate platform.

Content producers have shifted their attention to Instagram as it has grown and are making use of its unique capabilities. Instaguides is one of these features.

What is an Instagram guide?

An Instagram guide is a selection of articles, videos, and pictures organized around a particular subject. It’s a fantastic approach to arrange data and give users a deeper understanding of a subject. Since viewers are more likely to engage with longer pieces of material, guides are also useful for content creators looking to monetise their work.

So how do I create an Instagram Guide? It’s simpler than I might think!

I Select a topic, then I start gathering pertinent stuff that is linked to it. This can include both previously published articles, pictures, and videos, as well as brand-new material developed especially for the guide. I should write an outline for your guide once you’ve gathered all of the information. This will assist me in planning where everything should go and what information should be presented first, second, etc.

I have to write the actual guide. This will entail developing a new Instagram page or post. I’ll be able to put text and images on this page or post to act as the guide’s introduction.

In order for users to access the full guide, I can also offer a link to it.


The next step is to start adding material. The order that I established in your plan should be followed when adding your posts, videos, and photographs. Additionally, you should include subtitles for each article, video, and image as well as a summary that brings everything together at the end of the guide.

When finished, I upload the tutorial to Instagram as a post or page. Additionally, I may embed it on my website or connect to it in other social networks.

Keep clear the informations

Content producers may give their consumers more in-depth information on subjects that are significant to them by producing Instagram Guides. Creators can connect to affiliate items or provide a link to buy the guide, which enables them to monetise their content. Instagram Guides will undoubtedly continue to be well-liked for years to come given how frequently the social media world changes.

A fantastic method to give your audience thorough knowledge on subjects they are interested in is by making Instagram guides. I am sure that Instagram Guides will continue to be well-liked for many years to come given the way that social media is continually changing. Therefore, put on your thinking caps and begin writing instructions right away; the future is yours!

Let’s summarize what I wrote:

  • Instagram Guides are a great way to organize and provide more in-depth information on topics that are important to your audience.
  • Instagram differentiates from other social networks by focusing more on visuals, such as photos and videos.
  • When I create an Instagram guide, I decide on a topic, collect relevant content, create an outline, I create a new page or post on Instagram, I add content, and I post the guide.
  • Creating Instagram Guides allows content creators to monetize their content, as they can link out to affiliate products or include a link to purchase the guide.
  • Creating Instagram Guides is a great way to stay ahead of the constantly evolving landscape of social media.

At the end, I prefer Instagram over other social media networks because of its focus on visuals, such as photos and videos. I also like how intimate the platform is, with users sharing more details about their lives and opinions than they would on other networks. Additionally, Instagram’s features, such as Instagram Guides, make it easy to create comprehensive content that is engaging and informative.

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