February 24, 2024
4 corner tray boxes

If you are in search of a better packaging solution. Using 4 corner tray boxes is one of the best options in the market than others. These boxes have a wide 4-sided wall same as the double corner box. but these boxes are more secure and attractive in their way. These four-sided of the box are normally sealed from all sides making them more proficient for use. These 4 corner tray boxes are very sturdy in nature making them useful for many products. Most commonly the use of the material is cardboard. They are best for making boxes for shoes in shoe factories. Moreover, these boxes are also used in the food industry to pack fresh products. These boxes keep the products in shape and retain their elegant shape.

Sometimes, some experts add a plus point in these boxes’ manufacturing time. This is called customization. For example, adding a window on one of the sides or adding a plastic sheet. This will help the customers to see the object. But this customization is done according to the customer’s demand. Sometimes, these boxes have a lid at the top. That will help the products remain safe and secure from dust and humidity. Additionally, if you have a plastic sheet at the top or the sides of the box, you can easily see the product from any side.


Using a four-corner display box is one of the best options and the perfect packaging solution that any brand can opt for in their expensive products. These boxes are highly secure but very reasonable due to their properties. These boxes are made of recycled and reusable materials, for example, cardboard or kraft paper. These materials are well known due to their eco-friendly nature. The best part of using these materials is that they are best for extra coating and lamination. Without affecting the product their boxes can bear a different type of foiling as well. It’s up to the product’s shape and color that what type of foiling is useful. Some products are shiny in look so, their foiling must be silver or gold in color. While others are dull and they have matte. The ultimate goal of all brands is to make their box alluring and attractive.

4 corner tray boxes

Other properties like being reusable or eco-friendly can also be helpful while being top-quality ones in the market. Every other brand is now using multiple other options like the use of different colors or designs to make them more interesting.

Use of durable material:

Before thinking about anything for a product, safety is the utmost thing to keep in mind. For security, packing is the best thing. To keep the sturdiness thing in mind creating valuable product boxes is useful for brands. Boxes made of tough materials are safe enough to hold the products tightly, especially during long distances. As the world is modern and busy, no one has enough time to waste while checking the item. They just enter the shop and keep an eye on the box to read the description and check the and understand the difference between to products immediately.

So, if you are using these four-corner trays as a box for customers, you are conveying your brand message to your customers. apart from being easy for printing and designing the material is eco-friendly. So, a great number of people will come and visit your brand. they will love to buy your products when they experience the high-quality packaging and product inside.

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The most common material is cardboard for this type of tray packing. This material offers a great structure that can be exactly according to the product shape. Thus, adding the product worth to the box is the best thing to do. Sometimes, there are other options in materials that are also available. These can be useful for some other products like for their display.

Importance of shape and size:

When brands are manufacturing these boxes, they are using multiple options to make them more attractive. But the best shape of this four-corner tray box is rectangular shape. And this rectangular shape is according to the product size. Brands are offering thousands of different measurements. So that customers will decide what type of box they are going to need. They will tell the experts about the size and shape of the product then the experts will blend their skills and create a box that will be unique and attractive. Moreover, experts can use some type of stock materials like different cardboard or kraft paper for these boxes.

4 corner tray boxes

Unique printing means perfect packaging:

A well-presented box means a well-interested product. Customers will automatically be attracted to these boxes. Therefore, many brands are nowadays hiring experts that are better at the use of printing techniques. Due to high-end technologies, many brands are using different techniques some are using the latest screen or digital printings. These printings are highly useful for multiple products. They convey a great message to their customers in bold fonts.

Flawless display using these boxes:

Some products need a display for their better presentation. For example, if you own a makeup brand it is very important to have its makeup products on shelves for better visuals. Women love buying makeup, so whenever they enter a brand the very first thing, they will check that either the makeup looks attractive or not. So, using trays for them to give them a better display is one of the best options. Using these trays makes your display more meaningful and gives you better results.

Summing up:

Thus, among other several products packaging using these 4-corner tray boxes for your products is one of the best options. They are very safe, reliable, and highly secure in nature.  Customers can use these trays to give their products a dreadful display. This will ultimately lead their brand to better sales. Moreover, these boxes make sure that the inside product remains the same even after traveling.

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