April 24, 2024

You must first pass the theory test before you can take the practical test. You can also take both exams in one day. However, if you fail the Driving Lessons Northolt theory test, you still have to pay for the practical test without being able to do it.

How does the theory test work?

The test is at TÜV or DEKRA. Take your training certificate for the theory lessons, your identity card and the examination fees with you if they are not paid directly through the driving school.
The exam is on a computer or tablet. The examiner explains the operation and the procedure and can also be asked about it during the examination.
From more than 1,000 multiple-choice questions, 30 are asked, each with a different number of error points and possible answers.
If you are unsure about a question, you can mark the question and look at it again later. If you then click on “submit”, your answers will be sent and you will receive your result shortly afterwards. If you have more than 10 error points at the end or if you answer two questions incorrectly with 5 error points, you have failed.
If you pass the exam, you have 12 months to take the practical exam. If you wait longer, you have to repeat the theory test.

How do I prepare for the theory test?

Here it is practice! You can usually get learning material from the driving school with which you can practice all 1,000 questions until you feel safe. Our article on the indicator lights in the car can help you.
With the exercise material you can test yourself whether you would already pass. Many questions are self-explanatory, other questions you have to memorize.

How does the practical exam work?

You expect the examiner with your driving instructor at the agreed meeting point. To pass the driver’s license test, you have to drive 45 minutes without making any serious mistakes according to the examiner’s specifications. The examiner sits in the back seat, your driving instructor sits next to you in the passenger seat. Your driving instructor is not allowed to give any specific tips or instructions during the test.

  • The route consists of three basic driving tasks such as parking, emergency braking or a route within a built-up area and one outside a built-up area.
  • If you pass, you’ll either get your driver’s license right away or you’ll have to wait until your birthday if you’re not old enough to drive.

How do I pass the practical exam?

With enough driving experience you are of course best off. Most of the time, the last driving lessons are similar to the exam and your driving instructor will not give you any more tips. You should be there on time on the day of the exam. The examiner will explain everything to you and your driving instructor will also be there. Nobody can expect you to drive completely flawlessly, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to make serious mistakes. If you make serious mistakes, you fail the exam immediately! This includes, for example, running a red light, ignoring a stop sign or endangering other road users. If your driving instructor has to intervene, you will fail the test.

Do you have your vehicle under control, obey the traffic rules, drive considerately and with foresight, can park and also answer technical questions, should nothing stand in the way of your driver’s license.

What happens if I fail an exam?

If you fail one of the exams, you can repeat it after at least 2 weeks. You will then have to pay for the exam again. If the deadline is shortened, the theoretical exam can be repeated after 3 days and the practical exam after 7 days. If you failed one of the exams for the third time, you have to wait 3 months. Then you have 3 exam attempts again. If you failed the sixth attempt in the practical test, the driving license authority will check whether you are even suitable for driving on the road – you have to go to the medical-psychological examination (MPU).

Passed – and then?

Once you’ve got your Driving Lessons Sudbury many dream of having their own car! The maintenance costs are often higher for novice drivers. We can help you, because with a transfer of the no-claims discount, you get directly cheaper with our car insurance.

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