April 22, 2024
official segways for Kids

So, you decided to buy a kids hoverboard  and learn how to ride it. Where to start the learning process? First, make sure that the device you are using is properly assembled and that the battery is fully charged. The wheels must be inflated. In general, the kids hoverboard must be ready for operation.

After you turn on the device, you need to put one foot on it. Feel if there is vibration. It will depend on its presence or absence whether the selected model has entered the balance mode. By the way, do not forget to set the mode for the beginner on the keychain, especially if you are just trying to ride a kids hoverboard.

It is also important that the area on which you are going to study is free of obstacles and has the most even surface. It is also desirable that the area be large enough.

Remember that the device reacts to any, even seemingly insignificant movement of your body. Only after you have stood with both feet on the kids hoverboard and taken a stable position, try tilting your body forward a little. In this case, the device will start moving. To stop, you just need to return the body to its original position. It will take quite a bit of time to master the movement forward, backward and stop the kids hoverboard.

How to distinguish an original kids hoverboard from a fake?

Unfortunately, today  it is quite difficult to buy an original kids hoverboard  , their popularity has led to the emergence of many fakes. Therefore, more and more often we are asked how to distinguish a real product from a fake. Alas, outwardly the original kids hoverboard is no different from a low-quality copy. When choosing, you should look not only at the platform, but also at the box, the reliability of the resource, the manufacturer. Over the years of our work, we have managed to establish close relationships exclusively with trusted manufacturers, which allows us to guarantee quality and claim that each of our kids hoverboards is an original..

Battery for kids hoverboard, which one to choose?

The battery is the life of your scooter and one of the most expensive parts of it. Many scooter manufacturers and sellers claim to use  Samsung batteries or LG, and Chinese batteries are of poor quality, and it is better not to use them. Remember that Samsung and LG do not manufacture the final product themselves. They produce 1860 lithium-ion cells (similar to AA batteries), which are used to create batteries for hoverboards. It is also widely believed that it is Samsung that makes the best cells, but few people know that in China there are three types of Samsung cells, and they all differ in characteristics. This is due to the fact that Samsung has three different production facilities in Asia, and their best elements are imported. But imported elements are more expensive, Therefore, if a battery is labeled Samsung, it does not mean that it is made by Samsung. This may mean that Samsung elements are used inside.

How to learn to keep balance?

Place one foot on the platform of the gyroboard. Rock it, feel the weight and approximate speed. Then quickly place your other foot on the official segways for Kids. Note: The wider your legs are apart, the easier it will be for you to keep your balance. Ask someone close to you to hold your hand while you stand on the board. Take your time to pick up speed or make turns, try balancing on the board for a few minutes, trying to keep your balance.

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