January 29, 2023


Idea of the 6 C’s was familiarize to implement the concept of the holistic approach in nursing. It means not limiting healthcare to assignments and technical proficiencies but expanding all types of support, technical or non-technical, to the patients. For creating a poster you are required to have some knowledge about the subject, poster-making skills, and confidence in using the tools such as Canva or other relevant poster-making software. 

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Since the beginning, engagement has been the most important part of the healthcare system. it has become a necessity for the work that nurses are doing to enhance the participation of the patient in treating them. To build and maintain the atmosphere of engagement for employees and patients, nurse leaders are being called. (Bailey & Cardin, 2018).

The 6 C’s of the nursing poster have been discussed below which include Care, Courage, Communication, Commitment, Competition, and compassion. 


It is one of the main areas of all the 6 C’s. Taking care is the base for the organizations and the care they provide helps individuals and groups and enhances the health of the whole population. Caring defines the organization and its work. 

Those organizations that consider taking care of their people increase the quality of the overall community’s health.  Those individuals who get care from these organizations expect that this will be the best choice of their whole life and will be better at every stage.


To something that makes you able to do positive things to take care of your people and speak up on any issue or anxiety. To demonstrates that people have the vision for innovating something, they have their strengths and they introduce new ways of doing some activities or tasks. This takes a lot of courage of being in the position of a nurse and sees other in pain, with horrible injuries, and during surgeries. Nursing is a courageous and bold profession where you treat and serve patients in pain and grief, nurses are the first line of defense of a hospital that provides first aid services to the patients such as a bandage, checking fever, blood pressure, drips, etc. 


I consider a communication. The most optimistic and effective ways to care for a patient are communicate through clear and honest communication. Interaction between the nurse and a patient is the base of providing good care. To provide the best treatment. It is also crucial for the leader of a nursing team as they have to guide the team on how to take care of the patients effectively.

It is important in healthcare and builds a foundation for effective teamwork and caring relationships with the staff or patients. For taking care of a patient, you are require to be a good listener. Because you need to have a clear record-keeping, reporting, and checking the record of patients and monitoring the documentation.


Commitment is usually made by an organization to its patients who are the foundation for the work we do. Most of the time patients do not seem to be cooperative, and that’s why commitment to work is necessary to increase the care for the patient and make their experience better. Along with this, it is important to take suitable steps to convert the organizational strategy and vision into a reality and accomplish the challenges of healthcare.

It is important because everyone needs healthcare workers even in their personal lives. It means that you have to maintain the code of conduct in your social life as well to be a role model. You need to struggle continuously to provide your services and take care of your patients whenever they need them.


Every role related to taking care of patients is related to competence. It helps in getting the knowledge and understanding of the social needs and health of a person and treating them accordingly. Along with this, it has clinical proficiency and technical knowledge in providing effective care and treatments based on research.

It is important to upgrade your understanding and skills on regular basis as well as you are require to know your boundaries while working as a nurse. As a nurse, you just have to accept the work which you feel competent to carry out. Requirements of compliance express the competence of workers. So the organizations ask the employees to the evaluations of the staff, feedback, and training. Everything is done to make sure the highest standards of taking care of patients.


Compassion is an emotional feature of care. The taking care of a patient self-respect and understand are include. Care can be with or without kindness.  Patients respond more effectively to the care provided with compassion rather than the care provided without compassion.


The profession of a nurse plays an important role in the healthcare system. A nurse is consider to be a link between a doctor and a patient. He/she is stable along with being kind, understanding, and empathetic. It has the most important place in the patient’s life. (masteressaywriters, 2022).

We have discussed the 6 C’s of the nursing poster in detail. The main idea of the 6 C’s is to make sure that the patient are getting treat with care and empathy by competent staff who communicate in a good way, make the changes to improve care, and commit to provide their service every day.

New ideas, policies, and research make changes in healthcare. But the need of taking care of patients with compassion and commitment remains the same even though they are working with a few staff in a tiring and busy environment.


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