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How to Best Maintain Your Motorcycle Air Filter


Your motorcycle engine is whole and sole of the ride that allows you to cover short or long riding distances with ease & comfort. No matter, if you have an existing bike or looking forward to buying online bikes of a reliable brand, it is imperative on your part to take care of your bike’s spare parts, nuts, bolts, fluids, and respective filters. And that to maintain its effective functioning ahead. One of the key important parts of the motorcycle to best take care of is the air filter. As the name itself implies, the air filter of your bike is responsible for ensuring clean air passes through the engine to maintain its seamless riding condition.

Also, to trap the surrounding dirt and dust, an air filter helps transfer clean and unpolluted air required for the engine to run effectively. Not only this, but adding a high-quality air filter to your bike helps enhance the life of the engine to an optimum extent.

So, here in this blog, you will get to know more about motorcycle air filters based on the different types that you can lay your hands upon.

Paper air filter

One of the commonly used and affordable motorcycle air filters that you can choose from is the paper air filter. As the name itself implies, paper-made air filters appear as cheap ones and can be used for a limited period. Based on the specific number of kilometers you ride your motorcycle, you need to change the air filter with the help of an automobile expert. In order to clean the same during the usage period, you can use high-pressure air to remove the existing dirt, dust, and small particles trapped inside the air filter.

Foam air filter

Foam air filters are mostly used in off-roading or adventure motorcycles that are meant to take all the abuses on difficult pathways, highways, and other roads. If you have an existing adventure bike or looking to buy an online bike like that Hero Xpulse 200 4V, you need to change the foam air filter before and after your long riding experience. The foam-made air filter is simple to take out, clean, and reinstall in your motorcycle, and that too with the assistance of an auto expert. In order to clean the same, the expert must utilize water and detergent to get rid of all the trapped dirt, dust, and other particles.

Cotton gauze air filter

If you have an existing paper air filter fixed inside the motorcycle, then you are best recommended to lay hands on a cotton gauze air filter that is sure to last for a longer duration of time. It’s a performance-oriented air filter that not only traps the polluted particles along with passing the clean air to the engine. The cotton gauze air filter can be reused again and again for a long duration of time with ease. Also, to clean such filters, you can best utilize petrol, solvents, detergent, or any other product accordingly.

Key Importance of oil filter & engine oil

Just like an air filter in a motorcycle has an integral role to play and that is to pass clean air to the engine. On the other side, the oil filter along with the engine oil further offers imperative functioning to the motorcycle. As you already know the fact that engine oil helps lubricate the essential parts of your bike while allowing the parts to function appropriately and that too without experiencing any friction. Additionally, the air filter is also necessary to hold the impurities inside without passing into the engine oil. It plays a critical role in letting clean engine oil reaches the motorcycle parts and ensuring effective functioning ahead.

Final Note

Spending efficiently on online bike accessories along with spare parts has an imperative role to play in terms of ensuring effective functioning ahead. It is essential to pay special concern to the air filter, oil filter, and high-performance engine oil to maintain the running condition of the motorcycle and further ensure a seamless riding experience ahead.

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