April 24, 2024
Top 5 Tools for Checking Used Bike Valuation Online

It is of integral importance to know the value of your used bike before selling it at an expected choice of price. Undoubtedly, you have traveled enough on your existing motorcycle, and its time to bid farewell to it. You can surely move towards a brand new motorcycle to experience a seamless riding pleasure ahead.

When it comes to selling your second-hand bike, you need to know its real-time worth and send requests to interested buyers. But the question is, how can you evaluate the value of your used motorcycle online?

Here, in this blog, we have enlisted several ways to perform bike valuation online from the very comfort of your place. Digital valuation of your used bike will help get a rough idea of how much price to expect at the time of reselling price. Moreover, it further assists you start advertising your used motorcycle at an expected value and captures the attention of interested customers.

So, let’s get started with different second-hand bike valuation websites and platforms.

1.Trusted two-wheeler websites

The first and foremost resource to reach for the valuation of second-hand motorcycles is several reliable two-wheeler manufacturing websites. Some leading bike manufacturing companies’ platforms have the feature to check bike valuation online and do the end-to-end inspection of motorcycles. For instance, Wheels of Trust (WOT) is one of the leading platforms, where you can check motorcycle valuation in a matter of short time. Depending on the model, year of manufacturing, and current condition of the two-wheeler, check its value in a hassle-free manner.

2. General valuation platforms

As the name itself implies, general second-hand bike valuation platforms are different from the specific websites. General platforms have in-general information about the current market price of used bikes, depending on their brand, model, and year of manufacturing, and also based on the database information. Such platforms help you know the general reselling price of your particular variant and brand of motorcycle. It will help you get an idea of the price and make some necessary changes to the motorcycle to increase its value.

3. Online forums & sites

Numerous digital forums and sites are available on the internet today that help you check the general price of your brand of motorcycle. You also have the flexibility to ask relevant questions related to your bike and scooter to know the estimated value as per the current market. People can even exchange communication on forums to better understand the things required to increase the value of a used bike.

4. Several digital marketplaces

Online marketplaces better known as classified ads platforms are another valuable resource to know the value of your current used motorcycle. On such platforms, someone might have posted an ad of a similar motorcycle for sale and showcased the value to capture the attention of interested buyers. You can refer to several ads on the platforms, specifically related to second-hand bikes, reselling, and using filters like the same.

5. Valuation-specific mobile applications

Several mobile apps are available in the digital world to check the valuation of motorcycles or second-hand scooters. The user-friendly interface and easy accessibility of valuation apps will help you know the current market price of a motorcycle in a hassle-free manner. Also, there is complete flexibility to check the value as many times as you want with ease.

Things to keep in check before reselling a used bike

As a motorcycle owner, it is essential on your part to check several things related to the two-wheeler before start advertising for it.

  • Make sure to physically, mechanically, and electrically fix the motorcycle issues.
  • Collect all the original documents of the bike in an ideal condition.
  • Do wash and clean the bike properly to remove all the dirt, dust, and grease.
  • Replace the worn-out parts and accessories of your motorcycle to ensure hassle-free running condition.
  • Take a test ride of your own bike to compare its running condition before and after.

Concluding Thoughts

Selling a used bike in India is a strategic and step-by-step process. It involves a complete inspection of the motorcycle, performing necessary fixes, and doing the valuation. Rely on several motorcycle valuation platforms, specifically, Wheels of Trust (WOT) to know the value. It’s a special service offered by Hero Motocorp brand that allows you to know the current price of a motorcycle in a hassle-free manner. Also, the platform helps you sell the bike on the site itself or even give it an exchange offer.

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