November 30, 2023
Why You Must Choose Drupal for Your Enterprise 

If you own a website, which CMS you choose for it? Creating a website for business may seem easier. But when talking about creating content and managing it. It is way more daunting. So, investing in a robust CMS is the first step to success. And Drupal should be your choice. You can even consult a Drupal development company for better use. If you want to know why to choose Drupal in the first place, let’s dive in. 

Why use Drupal as an enterprise CMS solution? 

When businesses have to manage websites, they have multiple options to choose from. And Drupal stands as the best market competitor against other CMS solutions. Apart from other CMS solutions Drupal also presents extra functionalities. You can consult a Drupal development company for assistance. Because Drupal CMS helps to manage large-scale projects with multiple users. It also manages libraries and files. From authoring and creating websites to managing content.  

Benefits of Drupal CMS for enterprises 

Here are some advantages of using Drupal CMS solutions. 

Highly customizable  

Drupal offers high customizations to plan complicated frameworks. It presents its huge community on the web. So, the newbies won’t get stuck in any method. This community with Drupal development company contributes to the module library. Plus, the module variety affects the features and functionalities of websites.  

Such as features, website add-ons, analytics, CAPTCHA, plugins, etc. Moreover, the latest updates to the modules make the use even easier. And you can easily use these modules on websites. 

Flexible integrations 

Drupal has the flexibility to integrate APIs into websites seamlessly. Even you can create integrations for the website. Because an API helps the communication of server and server quite smoother. Plus, API helps to support media and content for user experience.  

So, to eliminate the headache of managing multiple channels Drupal introduced SSO. This Single Sign-On uses SAML-based integrations. And it allows users to log in at multiple places. You can hire Drupal developers for more assistance.  

Don’t worry about the security. Authentication is only needed once without sharing passwords. APIs and SSO make your website a secure place for users. Plus, third-party platforms can easily integrate with it.  

Runs headless 

You have never heard this term in other CMSs. But Drupal boasts this feature to its users. Headless Drupal offers to cut the dependability on the content body. You can easily publish the website without any tools. So, it even promotes the content without a strong base. And it empowers flexibility in the content and adds new functionalities. Drupal development company will help you integrate this feature. 

Content migrations 

Another crucial module is content migration checks. You can take the example of a developer. If they want to migrate content to a smaller site it’s easily done. But it becomes complicated when dealing with heavy websites. But it’s necessary for the larger sites too. So, this module allows a systematic approach to follow for migrations. Even there were versions to make Drupal user-centric and intuitive. 

Highly scalable 

Along with flexibility, Drupal also powers scalability. This quality makes it the popular choice among enterprises. Because it can manage the high traffic of the heavy websites. Drupal helps to improve website rankings via different methods. Such as caching, eliminating page loading, aligning resources, etc. You can easily scale up as the business grows to match the application. When it uses caching eliminates CPU usage and slow loading. 

Secure CMS 

Security remains the strong standpoint when choosing CMS. But you need to properly implement this CMS on our website. So, you should use this open-source framework with any crucial. This mature and stable framework helps large enterprises via its CMS integrations.  

This powers web application development with streamlined flow. Drupal community can help with various testing types by the providers. You should upgrade Drupal 9 to 10 to avoid security issues. And also empowers the largest open-source communities to serve in the CMS market. 

Enterprise modules 

Drupal has a variety of modules that support enterprise needs. You can hire Drupal developers for more assistance. They are as follows: 

  • PathAuto 

It helps to generate URL paths automatically. And also various types of content. 

  • XML Sitemap 

This module helps the web crawlers for site ranking. And later improve in the SERPs.  

  • Ctools 

It helps the easier management of pages with the Ctools module for an authoring process.  

  • Pathologic 

Detecting and fixing broken links easily with this module.  

Multisite management  

Last but not least. Enterprises should use Drupal CMS to manage their multiple sites effectively. As a business owner, you can maintain various capabilities or multiple sites. Businesses can allow languages, regions, and markets. So, if you choose Drupal 9 development company it manages millions of data at once. Because it follows the multisite feature for websites to fight against downtime or glitches. So, they ensured the codebase uniformity with user needs. 

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