April 24, 2024
A Useful Guide to Buy Used Bike At Low Cost

A motorcycle is likely to be the first love for every single man, who loves to ride across a wide range of surroundings. It’s an affordable vehicle for a person to reach a wide spectrum of surroundings, go for daily commutation within a minimal budget, experience closeness to nature, and feel other varying benefits. For all such reasons, not only is the demand for new motorcycles is increasing but there also a rising popularity of used bikes in the marketplace.

Many individuals facing low-budget reach find it convenient to invest in second-hand bikes of their choice. The reason behind this is the less investment, flexibility to choose any brand of bike, pay less for insurance, and experience various benefits. To experience it all, it is essential to know how to make the right choice, when it comes to buying a used motorcycle.

To help you make the right decision, we have created this short used bike buying guide for you, covering all the required points.

3 Key tips to follow when buying a used bike

There are three most important tips you must follow before starting your search for an ideal-looking used bike.

  1. Decide your budget first:

    The first and foremost thing to take into consideration is your second-hand motorcycle buying budget. It is important to have a transparent view of your budget required to purchase a motorcycle. Certainly, you have a limited budget to buy a second-hand motorcycle. Therefore, it is of integral matter on your part to look for used bike options within that price limit. Do not get to go beyond the set budget, otherwise, you end up buying a new bike and might face financial hassles ahead.
  2. Look only for the latest models:

    One of the crucial things to keep in mind is only looking for the latest used bike models. It is because bikes that have been discontinued might be hard to spare, you find it difficult to buy spare parts or the least availability of service professionals. On the contrary, searching for used bikes belonging to the latest models will provide you with several options at the front along with
  3. Know the parts availability:

    It is yet another important consideration for you to follow when buying a second-hand motorcycle. Spare parts are important components of any motorcycle that must be available for seamless replacement. Therefore, it is relevant on your part to check for the selected used bike spare parts available at the marketplace to avoid any issues ahead. Check for the spare parts of the bike online to obtain the same with ease and comfort.

What to inspect from a second-hand motorcycle?

It is an important aspect of buying a used bike of your choice. Do check the internal and external condition of second-hand motorcycles. By yourself and even with the help of a professional mechanic, do check the condition of an old motorcycle based on the following key points.

  • Check rust on the body parts, especially on the handlebar, nuts, bolts, suspension, exhaust, and other areas of the used bike.
  • Check whether the motorcycle has original panels attached to the same. In case, there are duplicate panels attached, then the bike might not provide the required robustness and solidarity while riding across distinctive destinations.
  • Oil leakage is another issue that must be rectified well in advance. Do a close check of the oil filter area to see any sign of leakage.
  • Know the oil condition inside the motorcycle engine by checking with the help of an automotive expert.
  • Do check for any sign of carbon or smoke coming out of the motorcycle exhaust system. Make sure, no black or white smoke coming out of the exhaust system.
  • Check whether the spare parts of old motorcycles are still available in the marketplace. It is of great deal of importance that bike parts must be available to ensure timely service.

Things to check while testing the ride

There are some important things you should check while testing the used bike. Here are some of the key points to take into consideration.

  • Listen carefully to the sound of the motorcycle while taking a test ride.
  • Check the overall balance of the motorcycle which must be in ideal condition.
  • Check the handlebar position which must be straight enough to ride carefully.
  • Blow the horn and listen to its sound.
  • Check the light and indicators while riding the used motorcycle.
  • Inspect the tire condition while taking a test ride on a slippery and smooth surface.

List of documents to check

After taking the test ride of the used motorcycle, you can move on to cross-check the original documentation. Concerning the same, check with the following list of documents.

  • Registration certificate of the second-hand bike.
  • Insurance document of the motorcycle.
  • PUC certificate must be checked.
  • Check the service history of the used bike.
  • Ask for any traffic violations in the previous history.
  • Ask for any damage on the bike.


Buying a second-hand motorcycle is of the highest value when you are running low on budget and still need a ride. In such a case, invest in cost-effective second-hand motorcycles after doing end-to-end mechanical, physical, electrical, and documentation examinations. Rely on the Wheels of Trust (WOT) platform to check bike valuation online without going anywhere else. Even existing bike owners have the flexibility to check valuation and even exchange used bikes on the same platform.

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