May 30, 2023

An exchange of fire between Taliban terrorists and Iranian border guards on Sunday reportedly resulted in one Taliban death, a southern Afghan police official said. he said Reuters, though Iranian state media that confirmed the border clash made no mention of the alleged casualty.

The disputed border incident occurred on July 31 somewhere between Afghanistan’s southwestern Nimroz province and Iran’s southeastern Sistan and Balochistan province.

“We have one dead and one injured. the cause of the clash is not yet clear,” Bahram Hakmal, who serves as a police spokesman for Nimroz province, told Reuters on Sunday.

Tehran’s state-run Mehr news agency confirmed that Iranian border guards engaged in an armed conflict with Taliban militants on July 31, but reported no casualties in connection with the incident. Mehr described the conflict as instigated by the Taliban, who allegedly “took […] provocative action and started shooting at the Iranian border guards.”

A Taliban fighter stands guard at the site for a flag-raising ceremony of the Taliban flag at Wazir Akbar Khan Hill in Kabul on March 31, 2022. (Photo by Ahmad SAHEL ARMAN/AFP) (Photo by AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

A Taliban fighter stands guard at the site of the Taliban flag-raising ceremony at Wazir Akbar Khan Hill in Kabul on March 31, 2022. (AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The Taliban specifically tried to raise Their flag “in an area on Iranian territory,” Iran’s state-run Tasnim news agency reported. This act sparked an argument that prompted the Taliban to open fire not only on Iranian border guards but also on civilian homes nearby.

“The exchange of fire between the two sides broke out for a few minutes after Taliban forces fired bullets into houses in the eastern suburbs of Doost Mohammad [a city in Sistan and Balochistan]Tasnim revealed.

“[T]Iranian border guards responded to the shooting from the other side of the border around noon today, and after about an hour of limited skirmishes, this issue ended under the management and control of the border guard of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Mehr said. .

Iran’s state news agency Fars also reported zero deaths as a result of Sunday’s disputed border dispute.

“Clashes broke out between Iranian border guard forces and Taliban fighters in Shaghalak village in Hirmand county in southeastern Iran,” said Meysam Barazandeh, governor of Hirmand district of Sistan and Balouchestan. he said Fars.

“Our troops showed the necessary response to the border violation by the Taliban and responded in return. But there were no casualties,” he said.

“The fighting is over and the matter is under investigation,” Barazade added.

Sistan and Baluchistan is a strategically located province of Iran bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iranian border guards reportedly face regular challenges on their soil from the Taliban, who seized control of Afghanistan’s seat of government in Kabul in August 2021.

Iran’s deputy interior minister for security affairs, Majid Mirahmadi, told reporters on Sunday evening that Tehran had repeatedly reminded the Taliban to avoid activities that could spark border skirmishes.

“Afghan border forces need to be instructed on the geographic borders and the front line,” he stressed, as quoted by Mehr.

The Tehran Times reported on August 1 that Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, met with top Taliban members late on July 31 to discuss the border incident earlier that day.

The two sides “agreed to form a joint committee to prevent the recurrence of border clashes,” according to the newspaper.

Tehran said on June 29 that it was an Iranian border guard he was killed under unclear circumstances near Milak, which is a designated Iran-Afghanistan border crossing in Sistan and Baluchistan.

Iran shares a 572-mile border with Afghanistan. The Taliban captured a strategic Afghanistan-Iran border crossing called Islam Qala on July 9, 2021. The move was part of a sweeping military offensive that eventually led the Islam-based Sunni fundamentalist group to gain full control of Afghanistan the following month. Iran, which is ruled by a theocracy based on Shiite Islam, has yet to officially recognize the Taliban as the rightful ruler of Kabul.

The Taliban had yet to do so comment at press time about his latest border clash with Iranian border guards on July 31.

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