April 24, 2024


“What is dead may never die.” Like a White Walker inside Game of Thrones, Internet Explorer joins the ranks of the dead bent on wreaking havoc on humanity. Microsoft tamed the Internet Explorer beast in Windows 11 by preventing anyone from calling it up and running its ancient code, but now a mischievous Twitter user has broken Internet Explorer’s chains and set it free to run freely on Windows 11.

Internet Explorer was never supposed to work in Windows 11. Microsoft disabled IE in Windows 11, making it the first version of Windows without IE in over 20 years. In fact, if you even try to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 11, the operating system just forces you into Microsoft Edge.

But a Twitter user @XenoPanther found out a way to run Internet Explorer on Windows 11. While the Windows star officially died at the age of 26 in June, it’s still accessible thanks to the ancient (and forgotten) parts of the operating system that still exist in 2022.

It’s just a matter of searching for Internet Options in the Start menu, launching the Control Panel applet, selecting the Programs tab, clicking “manage add-ons,” and then clicking “Learn more about toolbars and extensions.” For some reason, this launches Internet Explorer, bypassing the commands that force you into Edge. The browser works exactly as you’d expect, and you’ll be open to all the web incompatibilities and security nightmares that come with using IE in its unsupported state.

And you thought Internet Explorer was dead, didn’t you? Muahahahaha.


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