February 25, 2024

A retired police lieutenant was arrested after a police tip-off fatally shot a fellow law enforcement officer Thursday during an exercise at a Washington, D.C., library.

Jesse Porter was at the end of a training exercise at a library in the area’s Anacostia neighborhood Thursday afternoon when he fired a gun at 25-year-old Maurica Manian, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Cody said Friday. The library employee was rushed to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Porter was arrested on a charge of involuntary manslaughter after police consulted with the US attorney’s office in Washington. He remained in custody Friday and it was not immediately clear if he had an attorney available to comment on his behalf.

The Metropolitan Police said the 58-year-old retired lieutenant was working for a private contractor training a group of police librarians, teaching them how to use expanding batons, when he fired a single shot from his gun.

There were about six people in the room at the time, including other library police officers.

The city’s public library system has its own force of full-time special police officers who may be armed and are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of library branches.

At a press conference shortly after the shooting, Contee said it was unclear why Porter had a firearm during a training exercise. Generally, law enforcement agencies take steps to ensure that instructors and participants do not have access to live ammunition or live firearms during training programs in order to avoid the possibility of accidental shootings.

“It’s not a good practice,” Contee said. “I’m not sure in this situation why the instructor had a live weapon in the training environment. But it’s not good practice to do that.”

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear and police said the investigation is still ongoing.

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